Urban Outfitters Is Trying to Bring Back This Ugly Grandma Trend

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Think back to the days when you visited grandma's house, and she had all her tissue boxes dolled up with beaded covers. Yikes. As much as we love Grandma, we have to admit — those were a little tacky. But, as it turns out, what was once gaudy is now trendy.

Case in point: Urban Outfitters has released a series of beaded tissue-box covers. Yep, you read that right. Those generic floral patterns on drugstore tissue boxes aren't necessarily the prettiest, so it does make sense to cover them up with something. But is that something an old-fashioned beaded cover? We're not so sure, but UO certainly is. Check out some of the beaded options below, plus some of the other tissue-box covers that we actually think are a cute.

1. Annabelle Beaded Tissue Box Cover, from $39

2. Multicolor Beaded Tissue Box Cover, $39

3. Boho Beaded Tissue Box Cover, $39

4. Beaded Tissue Box Cover, $39

5. Bamboo Tissue Box Cover, $29

6. Rhinestone Tissue Box Cover, $39

7. Woven Tissue Cover, $29

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