15 Vintage ’80s Pieces From Etsy We’d, Like, Totally Buy

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The '80s are back, baby! We thought we'd never see the day, and yet, here we are, wearing blue eyeshadow up to our foreheads and prancing around in shiny Spandex. Okay, so maybe it's not that extreme, but when it comes to interiors, we're seeing a re-embracing of certain '80s aesthetics: funky color combos, kitschy plastics, postmodern shapes. So we recently scoured Etsy for some period finds, and we gotta say, we'd definitely find a place for this stuff:

1, Vintage Black Clam Light, $271.97

This working clam light is the sassy accessory your living room is missing.

2. Vintage Fiorucci Glass, $69.32

Wow. This rare Fiorucci glass almost prompted teen girl-like squeals.

3. Vintage '80s IKEA Industrial Lamps, $82.64

IKEA: Good today, good then.

4. Vintage Hanging Canvas Wine Rack, $14

Small kitchen? This retro wine storage solution is perfection.

5. Vintage Ingo Maurer Sconce, $450.55

Ingo Maurer was a design star of the era — and he very recently passed away. Etsy has plenty of his modernist lighting designs, but we particularly love this alien ship-looking sconce.

6. 1980s Biesse Italian Ice Bucket, $51.99

Bust out this Italian ice bucket for guests, and you'll definitely get compliments.

7. Vintage Glass Bowl With Grid Motif, $48.52

Perfect for keys and knick-knacks on an entryway table.

8. '80s Table Lamp, $29.62

There's something about this simple lamp that seems to fit in with this millennial-minimal aesthetic that's going on right now.

9. Vintage Avon Vase, $20

What was it about vases in the '80s and '90s that always made them look like they were wearing dresses? Into it.

10. Algar Japan Triangular Clock $99.62

Perfect for your evil '80s corporate villain office makeover?

11. Frosted Blush Pink Candle Holders, $15

Girly and a little ugly: A combo we actually kind of love.

12. "Miami Ice" Ice Cube Tray, $20


13. David Tisdale Salt and Pepper Shakers, $40

I feel like Lydia Deetz's parents in Beetlejuice would be into these.

14. '80s Floral Whiskey Glasses, $89

These would make lovely brush holders on a vanity. Or whiskey glasses.

15. 1980s Can Light by Happy Light, $99.35

Such a simple idea (not gonna lie — you could totally DIY this), but also kooky '80s brilliance.

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