This Brand Curates Plant Collections for You, Complete with Cute Planters

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The popularity of plants has been growing rapidly (no pun intended) among millennials for the past few years, and now a new company wants to make it even easier than ever to let your plant collection flourish.


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Ansel & Ivy, a female-founded and led startup, takes all the guesswork out of buying plants with their curated collections, containing three complementary plants in custom planters. The company's website makes it fast and easy to find the perfect plant that will also blend in with your home's color palette. Curated options range from "Rosé Pop," which includes plants ranging from "dainty and whimsical, to strong and quirky." Or perhaps you're more drawn toward "Midnight Beauties," an "edgy, sexy" assortment of darker leafy plants. Each curated collection comes with three plants in their own distinct ceramic pottery.

The company believes that being a plant person comes down to choosing the right plant for your space and your lifestyle. The curated collections aren't just about the colors, they are also tailored to help customers pick plants that match their commitment level and space, such as low-light apartments.

Each collection also includes digital care instructions to ensure that the plants live a full and happy life. The plants are sourced from Northern California, potted securely in their signature ceramic pots, and shipped safely anywhere in the contiguous United States.

The curated experience might be pricier than running to IKEA or your neighborhood Home Depot — a sago palm in a medium-sized pot is $82, for example, and the cheapest collection starts at $140 — but in the age of #plantmoms and #houseplantclub, the aesthetic is important, right?


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