11 Unexpected Services You Didn't Know You Could Book on Amazon

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.


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Whenever we need to buy something online and we want it delivered pronto, we head straight for Amazon (thank you, two-day Prime shipping!). And we're also fans of its special services for Prime members that include streaming movies and TV shows via Prime Video. But did you know that Amazon actually offers much more than shopping and entertainment?


There's an entire division of the website called Amazon Home Services, which essentially functions like TaskRabbit for home-related jobs that range from house cleaning to furniture building to landscaping. Essentially, pros in your area can list their services through Amazon, and users — not just Prime users, mind you — can book them.


While there are dozens of services to choose from, here are some of our favorites that we find particularly useful. Prices vary for each service, and availability depends on your location.

1. House Cleaning

Amazon offers all sorts of house cleaning services, but the basic package typically includes mopping, dusting, trash removal, bathroom cleaning, and kitchen cleaning. When you book your first appointment, you'll be asked to detail things like the size of the home and any problem areas you might want an extra focus on.


2. Furniture Assembly

Have you had enough of trying to figure out how to assemble your IKEA furniture? You can hire a pro through Amazon to build your bookcase, desk, or bed.


3. TV Wall Mounting

Wall mounting your TV is a great way to save space in an apartment, but you don't want to mess around with the installation of your bracket, lest your very expensive TV fall off the wall. Hire a pro to do it for you!


4. Drywall Repair and Patch

Whether you've had some plumbing or electrical work done, or your kids (or friends) have accidentally smashed a hole in your drywall, you can hire a pro to patch things up. Amazon's basic package includes patching of up to four holes.


5. Lawn, Garden, or Yard Maintenance

You can hire a landscaping expert to mow your lawn, plant new flowers, or trim trees. You'll be able to customize a program that suits your needs.


6. Appliance Removal

Need your old appliances removed from your house? Yep, Amazon can help you do that. Just make sure the appliances are disconnected from gas and electric lines before your pro comes.

7. Snow Removal

When you hire an Amazon pro, you can have your sidewalks, driveways, and walkways cleared of snow. If you ask, you can also have salt or sand spread out.

8. Window Air Conditioner Installation

If you live above the ground floor and have installed a window A/C unit yourself, you know the fear of having it fall out of your window. Avoid that problem by hiring a pro to install it for you, with a proper window mount and all.

9. Pest Control Treatment

Amazon's pest control service covers the removal of the following pests:

  • Roaches
  • Moths
  • Mice and rats
  • Household ants (nonaggressive)
  • Centipedes and millipedes
  • Earwigs
  • Silverfish
  • Home spiders
  • Crickets

10. In-Home Furniture and Appliance Moving

Amazon describes this service as "rearranging or moving your stuff" and "lifting and repositioning of furniture or appliances." You can just direct the show!

11. Holiday Light Hanging

Hire a pro to deck the halls — or rather, the evergreen trees in your yard or the trim of your house — with sparkling lights. This service is exclusively for your yard and the exterior of your house, so you'll be responsible for all the interior work this holiday season.