15 Unexpected Items You Can Find at Costco

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Costco is truly a treasure trove. You might even say that Costco has every single item imaginable and, honestly, that wouldn't be an overstatement. After looking through all the categories on the brand's site, we can safely say that Costco carries a ton of products, and that there are plenty of unexpected items available at the chain store.


To get an idea of exactly how much you can get at the brand's locations, we're delving into the most unexpected items at Costco.

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1. Large Outdoor Structures

If you think you have to go to a hardware store to get a greenhouse, gazebo, pergola, or shed, think again. Costco also sells all of those structures.

2. Saunas

If you're looking for the most luxurious self-care item at Costco, this sauna would be it.


3. Massage Tables

Speaking of self-care, Costco also sells massage tables.


4. Travel

Through Costco Travel, you can book flights, hotels, cars, cruises, vacation packages, and entertainment tickets.



5. Musical Instruments

Thinking of picking up a musical hobby? Take a trip to Costco to see all your musical instrument options.


6. A $5k Wine Station

This wine station will preserve, pour, and temperature-control your wine.


7. Wedding Flowers

Costco can also provide farm-fresh flowers for your entire wedding. What don't they do?


8. Custom Closets

In collaboration with Closet Factory, Costco offers discounts on custom closet storage solutions.



9. Meal Delivery Kits

That's right — Costco will also deliver your meals right to your home.


10. Caskets and Urns

This is the moment when you can see that Costco really does sell ​everything​ — including caskets and urns.

11. Chandeliers

Your fancy chandelier needs = covered at Costco.

12. Cars

Thanks to the Costco Auto Program, you can buy new and used cars.


13. Playgrounds

You might not want to tell your kids that Costco sells playgrounds.

14. Home Installation Services

Here are just a few of the home items you can get installed with Costco's help: carpets, countertops, garage doors, gutters, generators, HVACs, and solar panels.

15. Gym Flooring

Worry no more about how you're going to floor your gym!



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