13 Costco Perks You Probably Didn't Know About

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It's no secret that Costco is stocked with amazing deals, but there's more to the wholesaler than budget-friendly goods. For as little as $60 a year, a Costco membership comes with major benefits from affordable audiobooks to loads of free samples.


Ready to make the most of your Costco membership? Check out 13 member perks below.

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1. Costco has a water delivery service.

Did you know you can get jugs of water delivered right to your door if you have a Costco membership? According to the website, you can select between three- and five-gallon jugs of purified (starting at $6.49 per bottle) or spring water (starting at $7.49 per bottle), and schedule your deliveries as needed.

You can also add on a dispenser with both hot and cold water features. Not only can this perk save you money in the long run, but it also beats going through tons of bottles of water, making it a much more eco-friendly way to stay hydrated.

2. Save big when you pump gas at Costco.

Costco has member-only gas stations all over the country that can typically cost less than traditional gas stations. According to GasBuddy, Costco was even voted as one of the cheapest gas stations in the United States for five years in a row.


3. You can also check Costco's gas prices online.

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On that note, you can check your local warehouse's current gas prices online, which can be helpful for budgeting. Simply visit the "Find a Warehouse" page on the Costco website, then search for your warehouse and click on the gas pump icon. The current cost of regular and premium gas will pop up.



4. Book your next vacation on a budget.

If you're planning your next getaway and happen to be a Costco member, you're in luck. Costco Travel has deals on hotels, cruises, rental cars, and bundles so you can travel on a budget.


5. Save on home and auto insurance.

Yes, a Costco membership can actually help you save on insurance. According to Costco, members have saved over $600 on average during their first year after cashing in on Costco's member-exclusive deals with Connect, powered by American Family Insurance. And if you're an Executive Member, you can also get roadside assistance, glass repair reimbursement, home lockout assistance, and lifetime renewability.


6. Enjoy free tech support.

If you buy electronics from Costco, you can get free tech support seven days a week. Whether you're having issues with setting up your TV or have questions about your new major appliance, "expert level technicians" are available to assist you.



7. Save on prescriptions.

Costco has partnered up with thousands of pharmacies so you can get discounts anywhere between 2% and 40% off your prescription.


8. Get access to Costco's hearing and optical centers.

Check up on your health with Costco's hearing and vision centers. You can get a free hearing test to see if you're eligible for hearing aids and save on contact lenses, sunglasses, eyeglasses, and eye exams.


9. Save on your next car.

In the market for a car? With the help of the Costco Auto Program, you can buy or lease a car, get a used one, or even snag an RV. You can also save on car parts and services.


10. Buy discounted checks.

Save yourself a trip to the bank and get discounted personal and business checks with an average savings of 50%.


11. Score a deal on your mortgage.

The wholesaler has a mortgage program that lets you buy or refinance your home — and that's just for Costco members. Then after you buy a house, you can fill it with affordable Costco finds!

12. Get identity theft protection and credit monitoring.

Starting at the member-exclusive offer of $8.99, Costco members can sign up for identity and credit protection and monitoring, which includes suspicious activity alerts, assistance if your identity is stolen, and more.

13. Costco price matches its own items.

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If you buy something at Costco and it goes on sale soon after, you can request a price adjustment. However, in order to be eligible for this perk, you'll need to request the adjustment within 30 days of purchase — so be sure to keep an eye on the calendar.



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