10 Convertible Sofas That Give Your Bed Some Serious Competition

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Gone are the days of the dull, rectangular futon frame (we've all owned one at some point) and clunky, pull-out sofa beds that took more time to set up than they were worth, with mattresses that barely compete with the floor in terms of comfort. The convertible sofa options of today will have your visiting friends and family ready for a good night's sleep in minutes.


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In fact, your sofa bed no longer even has to be purchased out of the need for its dual functionality versus enhancing your living space. Some convertible sofa designs are so eye-catching and plush that you may consider ditching your bed altogether. Take a look, below.

1. West Elm Shelter Queen Sleeper Sofa, $2,199


This sleeper sofa from West Elm is as good for sleeping as it is for midday couch lounging in the living room. When situated as a couch, it offers firm support that makes it comfortable for everyday use. When unfolded to reveal a bed, you'll find a gel foam mattress, topped with a layer of memory foam, that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.


2. Apt2B Catalina Reversible Chaise Sleeper Sofa, $2,913

As we said before, your sleeper sofa shouldn't just be about functionality; design elements matter to you. And there are plenty of reasons to love this couch beyond the well-reviewed pull-out mattress, including a moveable chaise ottoman that allows you to situate the sleeper sectional to your room, sleek square arms, cozy but firm cushions, breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics, and over 60 upholstery options.


3. Urban Outfitters Reid Side Table Convertible Sofa, $799

This simple and sleek design from Urban Outfitters is the ideal sleeper sofa for an apartment or extra room where you aren't quite ready to commit to an entire bed. The modern design is eye-catching, and the side table works for everything from holding drinks to displaying plants to giving your pet their own spot on the couch. The Reid Convertible Sofa folds down to serve as a bed, futon-style, and reviewers have described it as both comfortable and a good size for one person.


4. Interior Define Sloan Sleeper Sofa, $3,195

Leather couches and sleeper sofas are not often talked about in the same sentence. You're either getting a nice leather sofa or you're getting a pull-out couch, but rarely both. But Interior Design has done the impossible with their Sloan Sleeper Sofa. This convertible couch has eight pigment-dyed types of leather (the real deal, not faux leather) to choose from, the option to upgrade from the standard cushion (comfy but firmer) to an "extra-soft sit" cushion, and a 5.5-inch thick memory foam-topped mattress.


5. Room & Board Deco Convertible Sleeper, $1,199

The Room & Board Deco convertible couch is easy to assemble and convert, has a cozy tufted back, and offers enough support for extended-stay guests (some owners even use it as their primary bed). Fans of this sleeper suggest purchasing the optional mattress topper or adding a feather bed for additional comfort. And cat owners may be pleased to hear that the fabric is durable enough to withstand your furry roommate's scratching without the unsightly snags that usually come with it.


6. Scandinavian Designs Tellima Convertible Sofa, $1,499

We love the walnut frame of the Tellima but are especially attracted to its 7-inch mattress and tufted pillow top, a unique feature that also elevates the piece in terms of style and comfort. It also has a split back to allow you and your guest to adjust to three reclining positions.


7. Joybird Hughes Sleeper Sofa, $2,385

Chic in shape and function, the highly-rated Hughes sofa is a keeper, with a pull-out bed people are raving about (it has over 150 reviews and a near-perfect rating). Owners can't say enough about how comfortable and well-crafted the best-seller is: the memory foam mattress maintains its firmness after several guests and the seat cushions have survived daily use by kids and pets alike.

8. Wayfair Mercury Row Loveseat, $439.99

If you're furnishing a smaller space, you can always opt for this multi-use loveseat. The clean lines keep this loveseat modern and the three color options allow you to tailor it to your existing living room pieces. The cushion pulls out to reveal a mattress that unfolds and lies on the floor.

9. Design Within Reach Twilight Sleeper Sofa, $2,295

That bolster cushion and mechanical arm definitely piqued our interest. And depending on your age, this style may have also reminded you of the fold-out foam chair with cylinder back that was ubiquitous during the '90s. The Twilight is a hundred times better and at least 10 times more expensive than that model we knew, but it's so worth it. Ingenious in its simple mechanics and shape choices, designer Flemming Busk has created a sofa that offers many possibilities, including three positions for the bolster pillow that not only allow for multiple seat depths but also superior lumbar support. If you choose to have the bolster back all the way, the removable seat cushions allow you to create separate twin beds, or you can push them together for a bed that is more spacious than a queen, with a soft headboard. We're pretty sure sleeping on the floor has never looked this good.

10. West Elm Urban Day Bed and Trundle, starting at $1,199

This daybed is pulling not just double duty but triple, functioning as a couch, daybed, and trundle. In terms of sleeping, this convertible couch can hold two people — one per mattress. Despite its many functions, this piece from West Elm never forgoes aesthetics, with multiple upholstery materials and colors to choose from.