Transform Your Bathroom Into a Spa With Handheld Showerheads and Body Sprays

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We think that there are some must-have touches that make a bathroom truly luxurious. Marble countertops (yasss …), gorgeous lighting (oooh …), and perhaps a freestanding tub to soothe worries away (ahhh …).


You can also boost the luxe factor in your shower with sleek, pampering fixtures like hand showers and body sprays. When you feel as if you're standing in a relaxing rainstorm (and you pretty much never want to leave your shower), you'll know that you've leveled up your bathing experience.

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Here's what you need to know about hand showers and body sprays — then we'll tell you where you can snag a few of these sumptuous fixtures.

Handheld Showerheads

In addition to your everyday showerhead, a hand shower is, well, handy. It's basically a showerhead that's attached to the end of a long, flexible hose which is hooked up to the water supply. A hand shower has tons of notable benefits, which include: massaging away aches and pains, giving your hair a more concentrated soak, washing pets and little ones, and rinsing down the tub. It also gives you the option to take a seated shower if that's what you prefer.


Another pro of a handheld shower is that it provides you with a different option, apart from your showerhead. Although it can work in a shower of any size, it tends to perform best in an open layout with lots of room to move, where you can mist to your heart's content. The only real con is that it will be an added cost when renovating your bathroom.

1. Think about the style of your bathroom.

A handheld showerhead is certainly convenient, and it's an opportunity to show off a little personality, too. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, you can choose a hand shower that matches the vibe of your bathroom. For instance, in this alcove shower constructed by Brendan O'Sullivan of Keystone Home Remodeling, the brass hand shower and rain showerhead complement the throwback feel of the white subway tile.


2. Go minimal and airy.

Like we said, a handheld showerhead operates at its very best when you have more than enough room to move around, and this open design crafted by Catherine of The Stables is a flawless example. With its black rain shower head and accompanying hand shower, this wet room looks streamlined and oh-so-modern.



3. Include one in a walk-in shower.

We are loving the walk-in shower trend (all glass, roomy, open to the air) and a hand shower is a perfect add-on. You'll have tons of space to move while maximizing all of the benefits it has to offer. This dreamy green shower crafted by Petrina Turner Design is the ideal setup for this type of fixture. We're also totally digging the mosaic tile.


Body Sprays

Much like handheld showerheads, body sprays can enhance and invigorate your shower experience. Body sprays are nozzles placed either directly into the wall, or, you can purchase a shower panel that comes with body sprays. The water pressure can be adjusted, ranging from a light spritz to a gentle massage, creating the perfect spa-like atmosphere for washing away the stress of the day.


There are some things to keep in mind though. If you'd prefer to install an entire shower system into the wall, some substantial renovating will need to take place. Body sprays also require additional water, which can cause you to run out of hot water sooner than you'd like. They are generally pricey as well. But, for a head-to-toe, at-home spa experience, we're thinking it just might be worth it.


1. Invest in a shower panel.

Think of a shower panel as an extra-large shower head readied with body sprays, a handheld shower head, and multiple functions to customize the pressure of the water. And since it comes with body sprays, you won't have to place them in the wall. Erin of Living in Yellow incorporated a shower panel in her bathroom, which looks contemporary and sleek next to the refreshing blue tile.



2. Outfit your shower with bells and whistles.

If you really want to go for the gold in your shower (and you have a forgiving budget), include the latest and greatest shower features. Install a handheld showerhead alongside body sprays, and for an extra bit of luxe, carve out a marble shower seat and built-in shelving. We'd never want to leave this all-white steamy oasis designed by the team over at Meshberg Group.


Where to Shop for Handheld Showerheads and Body Sprays:

Jonesing for some shower self-care? Well, you can give your setup a boost by shopping for fixtures at these retailers.


It shouldn't come as a surprise that Kohler makes some of the best body sprays around (how about a choice between spray or steam?), along with hand showers and other accessories. You can even watch videos to see the sprays in action.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot has it all: shower systems, shower panels, hand showers, and more. This is where you should look if you're searching for the latest in shower technology and want to pick from loads of options.


This online marketplace is packed with body sprays, shower panels, and hand showers, many of which are priced right and can be shipped to your door for free. That's what we call a win-win-win!



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