7 Dining Room Lighting Trends for 2017 - 2018

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Light fixtures naturally become the focal point of any dining room. If your space needs an update, why not start by swapping out your old fixture for something a bit more current? The good news: There are more creative ways than ever to light your space. So ditch that sad flush mount or overdone Sputnik chandelier for one of these seven trends from 2017 - 2018 that will be lighting up dinner parties everywhere before you know it. (But you can say you did it first!)


1. Mix and Match

A row or cluster of pendants is a classic look, but we're fans of mixing things up. Try hanging different colors or sizes of the same pendant light, or use a consistent color palette in an array of different shapes. This West Elm fixture makes it easy to achieve this dynamic look.

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2. Handcrafted Ceramics

A handcrafted element can make a dining room feel welcoming and intimate. Go for porcelain or ceramic pendants with a textured finish or glaze for an artisanal vibe. Interior designer Amber Lewis used these pendants by Heather Levine Ceramics to warm up an Ojai dining area.


3. Oversized Fixtures

Delicate chandeliers are out; big and bold lights are in. Large pendants, like this Bell lamp by Normann Copenhagen, play with scale and can make a major impact in a dining room.


4. Woven Textures

The signature elements of modern bohemian style — woven wall hangings, Moroccan blankets, and rattan seating — have now been translated into lighting. Textural fixtures, like Justina Blakeney's tasseled chandelier from Lulu and Georgia, can add a bohemian feel and a touch of softness to the hard edges of a dining room.



5. Matte Black Fixtures

Forget sparkling crystals or gleaming chrome: Chandeliers don't need to have glitz and shine to make a statement. Create bold contrast with a structural chandelier in a dramatic matte black finish (or dark bronze works too), like this one from Restoration Hardware. This fixture speaks volumes, and you don't even have to say a word.


6. Exposed Cords

You used to have to go to great lengths to hide your cords, and if your ceiling wasn't wired for a light fixture, well then, you were just out of luck. But now it's all about flexibility and making the cord a part of the overall design. This swanky pendant, designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos, is an incredible option that comes with a long cord perfect for showing off interesting angles or dramatic swoops.


7. Beaded Pendants

It's often said that light fixtures are the jewelry of a room, and now designers are taking that literally with pendant lights that resemble strands of beads. These colorful drop pendants by the German design studio Schneid combine geometric shapes, colors, and patterns for a whimsical twist on lighting design.



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