7 Chandeliers for Your Home Office That Will Up the Wow Factor

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As you ponder the many, many potential ceiling lights you could purchase for your home office, you might debate between pendant lighting and a flush mount fixture. Although those are both great options for any workspace, if you are jonesing for something a little more eye-catching, you may want to explore the head-turning world of chandelier lighting.


A chandelier is mounted to the ceiling and features multiple light bulbs. Not to mention, it is definitely more ornate and bolder than your average light fixture. Back in the day, this type of lighting almost always sported glittering crystals. But today, you can discover chandeliers in pretty much any material, finish, or style — ranging from minimalist to art deco — that you can imagine.

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If you're handy and feel comfortable working with wires, you could probably install a chandelier yourself. But since it might be heavy and more complicated to hang than a simple pendant light or flush mount, you may want to leave this project to the pros. In addition, they can also add a dimmer switch so you can adjust the lighting level based on the time of day and your personal preference. According to HomeAdvisor, it costs anywhere from $151 to $889 to install a light fixture. But the report does add that chandelier installations can cost as much as $2,200.

Ready to bring a little glamour to your WFH setup? Look no further than these seven home office lighting ideas.

1. Invite midcentury charm with a globe chandelier.

It's funny how a midcentury modern chandelier can literally work with any space, from farmhouse to boho to modern. Lindi and Russel of Love Create Celebrate chose a fixture featuring globe-style glass shades for each light bulb and it fits in seamlessly.


Get the look:Hudson Valley Lighting Mitzi Margot Chandelier in Aged Brass, $770

2. Add a modern farmhouse touch.

If you're aiming for farmhouse lighting in your home office, keep your eye out for a classic chandelier outfitted in gorgeous, draped beads. Corrine of Mint Arrow opted for one festooned in wooden beads to illuminate her sophisticated, vintage-inspired office. Complete the look with traditional home decor and floor-to-ceiling drapery panels puddled ever-so-casually on the floor.



Get the look:World Market Whitewash Wood Draped Bead 4-Light Chandelier, $229.99

3. Go all out with a modern take on the classic Sputnik silhouette.

To really, truly add a focal point in your home office, a Sputnik chandelier is basically a no-brainer. For example, a modern version of the classic silhouette seen in this industrial office by Happily Grey offers some visually interesting design tension and picturesque juxtaposition, surrounded by exposed brick walls and steel frame windows.


Get the look:Hudson Valley Lighting Group Mitzi Astrid 12-Light 36-inch Wide Chandelier in Aged Brass, $922

4. Consider an updated take on a candelabra.

Perhaps you're considering a drum chandelier for your home office, but you're not sold on the large fabric shade — rather, you'd prefer exposed light bulbs and increased illumination. In that case, follow the lead of this office by Laura Design & Co. and consider a fresh take on the old-school candle style or candelabra chandelier. The aged wrought iron finish and Edison-style bulbs give it a hint of unforgettable old-world charm.



Get the look:Laura Design & Co. Roark Chandelier, $2,430

5. Opt for something fun and whimsical.

Here's a thought to consider: Office lighting doesn't have to be boring! In fact, your home office chandelier can be downright playful and whimsical as proven by this workspace from Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth. Featuring flower-shaped detailing, this fixture is the definition of fun and brings even more free-spirited appeal into the colorful space.


Get the look:Hudson Valley Lighting Group Mitzi Alyssa Chandelier in Aged Brass, $950

6. Embrace a flair for the dramatic in all brass.

Chandeliers are definitely not for the faint of heart. Although they've been the darlings of the interior design world for centuries, they're still as big and bold as ever. But keep in mind that you don't have to go with a crystal chandelier in order to amp up the drama in your office. If you'd prefer a fixture that doesn't feel quite so bygone, yet still has some flair, opt instead for an intricately detailed brass fixture like Alisa of A Glass of Bovino.



Get the look:Visual Comfort & Co. Aerin Hampton 25-Inch 6-Light Chandelier in Gild, $1,199

7. Welcome a tiered chandelier for the win.

If you have high ceilings, make the most of this vertical space with a glamorous tiered chandelier à la Shauna of The House of Silver Lining. She went with this antique brushed brass beauty showcasing three levels of dreamy art deco deliciousness.

Get the look:CB2 Tarte Tiered Chandelier, $399



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