9 Home Office Pendant Lighting Ideas That Will Perfect Your WFH Ambiance

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Guess what? Your home office isn't doomed to be a headquarters for eye strain and ho-hum task lighting. In fact, it can be functional ​and​ pretty darn chic thanks to the darlings of the interior design world: pendant lights. You may have previously believed that office lighting is relegated to the traditional desk lamp, floor lamp, task light, or wall sconces, but lighting ideas for your workspace can go beyond those options. You can choose a pendant that will illuminate your whole office or use it in combination with other fixtures.


Although the ideal lighting in an office is really whatever works best for you and your needs, there are a few tips to keep in mind. While natural light is the gold standard when it comes to illuminating a workspace, you can also increase productivity by adequately lighting your desk (buh-bye afternoon coffee crash) and opting for a warm glow. Think yellow or orange instead of those glaring florescent lights regrettably seen in corporate workspaces. And bonus: Pendant lights don't always need to be hardwired. If you already have a ceiling electrical box in place, it's possible that you can install a new light yourself. However, if your ceiling isn't already wired, you can always plug in a pendant light and hang it from the ceiling with a hook or two.

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Either way, it's fairly straightforward to install a fresh, new pendant light in your office. Here are eight ideas to get you started.

1. Keep it subtle and stylish with a glass fixture.

For something sophisticated and timeless, opt for a glass shade for your office pendant. It'll provide tons of light and won't overpower the other visuals in your space. For this office, Emily Henderson chose a glass light from Rejuvenation that's based on a design from 1912.


Get the look:Rejuvenation Mellow 18-3/4-inch Bowl Pendant in Lacquered Polished Brass, $749

2. Opt for bamboo to add a boho touch in any office space.

To prevent your office space from looking too serious, you can choose a bamboo pendant light to lighten the mood, no pun intended. Alongside feminine floral walls and a simple pampas grass arrangement, this IKEA fixture picked by Liv of Livette's Wallpaper acts as a free-spirited, bohemian accent.


Get the look:IKEA Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp, $69.99


3. Welcome bygone vibes with a vintage-inspired light fixture.

If you're searching for an ambient lighting option to accompany your vintage-centered home decor, look no further than a fixture with a milk glass shade and bygone detailing. A perfect example is this Hudson Valley pendant light hanging in an office belonging to Deb of Seeking Lavender Lane.


Get the look:Hudson Valley Dutchess in Old Bronze, $524

4. Mix a modern light fixture with timeworn surroundings.

To create some interesting juxtaposition, you can choose a pendant light with a modern feel to punctuate a throwback space. For instance, the team at Scout & Nimble went with a midcentury modern fixture from Mitzi to grace this wood and brick-detailed office space.


Get the look:Mitzi Reese Large Pendant, $276

5. Get playful with colorful office lights.

Although black and brass lighting is on-trend at the moment, you can feel free to play with color when it comes to your office lighting. An industrial pendant in blue from Hudson Valley is clearly the best choice for this coastal Gray Malin office.



Get the look:Hudson Valley Painted No.1 in Aged Brass/Blue Bird, $1,156

6. For a classic workspace, pick an equally classic pendant light.

If you want to keep it really classic in your workspace, take a page from Lauren of Bless'er House's book and stick with a pendant featuring a fabric drum shade. Although this pick from Rejuvenation looks somewhat traditional, the design incorporates a dash of modern flair with subtle linear metal details.


Get the look:Rejuvenation 30-inch Conical Drum Pendant in Aged Brass with White Shade, $839

7. Punch up home office lighting with a wallpapered ceiling.

Perhaps a standard pendant light doesn't appeal all that much to you. In that case, pair your fixture with a wallpapered ceiling for added visual flair, something that Clark + Aldine perfected in this office. Although the Hudson Valley light is functional with its incandescent light bulbs, it looks pretty and whimsical when paired with a floral pattern.


Get the look:Hudson Valley Lighting Lambert in Aged Brass with White Glass, $559.99


8. Or, just keep it simple.

Or, perhaps you want something that's practical and unfussy to illuminate your office and rest quietly in the background? Katie of House with Home went with this simple West Elm pendant with a conical shade. Not only can this fixture accommodate LED bulbs and is compatible with dimmer switches, but it also offers a dash of understated style as well.


Get the look:West Elm Sculptural Fabric Cone Pendant, $169 - $199

9. Consider an industrial look.

Speaking of keeping things simple — this factory-style pendant light is as simple as it gets. And yet, its industrial design and black shade will still lend a hint of style and edge to even the most minimal workspace.

Get the look:Schoolhouse Electric Factory 5 Rod LED Pendant, $489



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