How to Decorate a 1920's Bedroom

The 1920s was an era of elaborate decorations and beautiful bedrooms. Recalling images of 1920s bedrooms brings to mind glamor and opulently large furniture. Decorating a bedroom with a 1920s theme requires a passion for the roaring twenties and some creativity.


Step 1

Prepare the bedroom for a theme transformation by revamping the walls. The 1920s was a time when decorating bedrooms took a lot of effort to make sure details are emphasized. On the walls, attach fleur wallpaper with colors that complement the bed and other furniture that you will be using. Afterward, you may also attach a wooden wall clock with intricate carvings, as this was popular in the 1920s.


Step 2

Buy furniture in the 1920s style. Beds should have broad wooden headboards and accented posts on each side of the bed frame. On either side of the bed, add bedside tables and prepare them for ornament additions later. Add a chest of drawers on the other side of the room in dark mahogany or burgundy colors.

Bedroom in the Sky

Step 3

Drape your windows with elaborate curtains. The 1920s was a time of detailed and pleated curtains adorning large windows. You can recreate this look by first decorating your window with a thin light-colored fabric that will serve as the curtain lining. Add thick, dark-colored drapery on either side of the window. Add a braided curtain rope with fringes to hold the curtain to the sides.


Step 4

Create a vanity area. The vanity is one of the most important parts of a 1920s bedroom. A vanity includes a large mirror atop a table with small drawers. Makeup, perfume and hair accessories are displayed on top of the vanity table.

Golden accents

Step 5

Accentuate the room. Hang gilded frames in the room to complement the dark colored furniture. Add lamps that have golden edges and other kinds of displays such as decorative boxes and book stands made of dark colors or gold.