How to Hang Curtains on a Metal Patio Cover

Metal patio covers provide shelter from the elements, allowing you to utilize this home feature during rain or bright sun. Hanging curtains from a metal patio cover adds an additional layer of protection. Just be sure to use outdoor curtains if you intend for them to hang outside permanently. The best method for hanging curtains on a metal patio cover is with the use of vinyl-coated airplane wire, which is rustproof.

Step 1

Attach two eyehooks to the metal patio cover, one on either end. The hooks can go on an extended metal ledge, on the interior sides of the cover or along the outside. Determine the best placement of the eyehooks by analyzing the specific layout and design of your patio cover.

Step 2

Thread a piece of vinyl-coated airplane wire through one of the eyehooks and secure it by using wire-rope clips. Fold at least 4 inches of wire over the hook so it touches the long piece of wire and slip the clips over the points where the pieces meet. A wrench may be necessary depending on the type of clips.

Step 3

Unwind the wire until it reaches the other eyehook and cut with wire cutters, leaving at least 4 inches of excess for securing the wire in place.

Step 4

Thread through the opposite eyehook, pull tight and repeat the securing procedure.

Step 5

Attach plastic or rustproof metal curtain clips across the expanse of the wire before attaching the curtains.