DIY Tennis Court

Building your own tennis court is one way to ensure that you never again have to wait around for a court to free up, or join an expensive club and pay fees for court time. If you are an avid tennis player, the investment can pay off over time.


Choose the surface. Clay courts are cheaper to build than asphalt or post-tensioned courts, but require more maintenance. They also require a lot of consideration for the climate you are in. Grass courts might look beautiful, but again, if you are in a drier area, or don't want to deal with the extensive maintenance, they aren't practical.

Choose the Location

When considering building a personal tennis court, the dimensions are a factor. The playing area of the court is 36 feet by 78 feet; add at least 10 feet to the back on each side and 5 feet on each sideline. Also factor in the direction you want the court oriented in. Geography will play a part; if you are in a more northern location, a north/south orientation is common. In southern locations, where you can play year-round, an east/west orientation is more common.

Decide on Extras

Decide which amenities to add to the court, including a fence with windscreens, benches on the side of the court, and perhaps even lighting. Fencing options vary greatly, from 10-foot fences that surround the entire court and have a door to full-size fences on the back and part of the sides and smaller, 3-foot fences on the sides to encourage visibility. Some people like to add a water fountain next to the court as well.

Also factor in the cost of the net and net posts, and, if you have clay, the maintenance equipment and where to store it.