How to Make a Wooden Flag Pole

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Things You'll Need

  • Wooden rod

  • Rope cleat

  • Pulley kit

  • Thin rope, 1/2-inch diameter

  • Drill

  • Flag, with grommet holes on the side

  • Flag hooks or clips

  • Shovel

  • Buckets

  • Cement

  • Ground sleeve

  • Bar level


An American flag must be lit at night or taken inside and stored properly.

Stain the wood to give it an antique, custom-made finish, or paint it to match your home then seal it with clear shellac.

Make a cost-effective, homemade wooden flag pole with just a few supplies.

A wooden flag pole can be more aesthetically pleasing than a metal one. The wood can be stained to give an old, crafted look. Passersby who view your homemade flag pole displayed in your front yard will likely wonder if it was something you had custom made. But the reality is you will spend very little money to make a wooden flag pole. On top of that, you'll have the satisfaction of having made it by hand.


Step 1

Buy a wooden rod at the hardware store in the height you would like for your flag pole, keeping in mind that about 10 percent of the total length will be sunk into the ground.

Step 2

Attach a rope cleat half way up the pole (after subtracting the portion of the pole that will be in the ground). Use the cleat's screws and a power drill to attach it securely to your pole.

Step 3

Attach a pulley to the top of your flag per instructions on the pulley's package. Thread the thin rope through the pulley until it makes a loop that extends 10 to 12 inches lower than the rope cleat. Knot the rope together using a double knot and trim off the excess rope with scissors.


Step 4

Secure the flag to the rope using flag clips or hooks placed onto the rope. Follow the instructions on the package to secure the hooks to the rope properly. Clip the hooks on the flag at the flags' grommet holes.

Step 5

Dig a hole about a foot wide and to a depth of at least 10 percent of the pole's total height. Mix cement in a bucket according to the package instructions. Pour the cement into the hole until the hole is nearly full. Sink the ground sleeve into the wet cement according to the instructions that come with it. Place a bar level over the top of the cylindrical ground sleeve to ensure it is level. Allow the cement to set for 24 hours.


Step 6

Insert the flag pole into the ground sleeve and secure using the tightening screw that comes with the ground sleeve. Raise the flag by pulling down on the rope pulley system and wrapping excess rope around the rope cleat.


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