How to Aesthetically Hide an Electric Meter Box Hanging on Your House

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Hide an unsightly electric meter.

The standard dull, gray box that houses an electric meter on the side of your house is notoriously unattractive, not blending into the rest of the home's exterior. If the box is in the front of the house or on a side that is visible from the street, this may be particularly bothersome. Fortunately, there are several methods to hide the electric meter box or improve its aesthetics. Follow these tips to spruce up the look of your electric meter and service panel.

Step 1

Paint the electric meter box the same shade as the siding of the house or foundation surrounding it. Check with the electric company beforehand to ensure this is allowed as in some areas, the company owns the box. Paint only the exterior of the box. This helps to hide the meter making it less noticeable.

Step 2

Camouflage the area with evenly spaced shrubs alongside the house where the electric meter box is found. Use evergreen varieties to keep the box well hidden throughout the year. Leave several feet of space between each shrub so the meter remains accessible to utility company workers.

Step 3

Place large rocks or boulders in front of an electric meter box that is low to the ground. Leave plenty of space to access the box. Increase aesthetics by planting a variety of flowers and shrubs for a pleasing view of the area.

Step 4

Build a wooden cover and install it over the meter. Measure the area around the meter so you will know how large to construct the cover and add a viewing window for easy meter reading. Leave a hinged door on the front for accessibility. Paint the cover to blend in with the rest of the house.

Step 5

Attach a three-sided shed to the side of your home over the area where the electric meter is installed. You can build a custom shed from metal or wood or purchase one and remove the back. Bolt it securely into place. The shed can also store outdoor yard supplies like a lawn mower and rake.


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