How to Print on Plastic Bags

According to The Wall Street Journal, the United States uses 100 billion plastic shopping bags every year. That figure doesn't include all the other plastic bags, including freezer bags, that are used. Instead of throwing plastic bags away, it's better to re-use them. A popular way to recycle them is to use them for storage. Bread and other baked items stay fresher longer if they're placed in plastic bags before they're frozen, for example. An important part of using these bags is properly identifying them so you know at a glance what's inside. Read on to find out how to print on plastic bags.

Step 1

Spread the plastic bag out on a flat surface. If it's made of a fairly heavy plastic (a freezer bag, for example) all you'll need to do is hold it in place with one hand.

Step 2

Print on the plastic bag with a permanent marker using your other hand. If there's a white box on the bag, that's designed to be written on. A marker shows up better on white than on clear plastic.

Step 3

Print on a small area of a light-weight plastic bag by stretching out the plastic you're going to mark with your fingers and hand. Hold the material taut with one hand while you use the marker to write with the other hand.

Step 4

If you're gong to mark a large space on a bag, you'll need to weight down the top of the area you're going to use. Then, pull the plastic bag to the left and weight the edge down. Stretch the plastic bag out to the right and secure that edge in place.

Step 5

Pull the bottom of the bag down and hold it so the plastic is flat and taut. Print on the plastic bag using a permanent marker with your other hand.