How to Add Sheers to Vertical Blinds

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Fabric hole punch

  • Screwdriver

You can add sheers or sheer curtains over the slats on a vertical blind to add a beautiful covering over the functional, and often bland, slats. You can also remove the slats and simply use the sheer curtains as the covers for your window. Using the headrail from your vertical blinds gives you the ability to open the sheer curtains sideways just as you would with the vertical blind slats.


Step 1

Count the number of slats on your vertical blind and then measure the width of the headrail with a tape measure. Divide the width of the headrail by the total number of slats. As an example, if the headrail is 30-inches long and you have 20 slats, the mounting brackets for the slats are 1.5 inches apart.

Step 2

Position the sheer curtain onto a table and spread it out completely. Punch a hole 1 inch down from the top edge of the sheer for every slat mounting bracket. Space each hole evenly apart based on your calculation in step one.

Step 3

Wedge a screwdriver between the slat and the mounting bracket on the headrail and pull the slat away from the mounting bracket. Do this for each slat. If you plan to keep the slats, forgo this step. In many cases, you can gently spread the clips wide enough apart with your fingers.


Step 4

Wedge the screwdriver between the jaws of the mounting bracket or between the slat and the mounting bracket and place the first hole in the sheer curtain onto the bracket. Remove the screwdriver to lock the sheer in place. Repeat this as you work your way across the headrail. Again, you may not require the use of the screwdriver to spread the clips apart.



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