How to Use the Override on a Programmable Thermostat

Too hot or too cold can be too annoying. If your environment is uncomfortable, it can be hard to focus. If your thermostat isn't offering what you need and is locked up, you can override its system to get to the perfect temperature for your needs. Whether at home or at a hotel, knowing how to override the settings on your thermostat is a good hack to have on hand when it comes to a case of comfort.

homeowner adjusting new thermostat
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How to Use the Override on a Programmable Thermostat

Override a Home Honeywell Thermostat

Most wall units have a display window covered by a hard case with a window. Pop that down to access the function keys. Find the display button and hold it down while you press the off button. Keep the display button depressed and let go of the off button. While still holding the display button, quickly press the up arrow button. Release all depressed buttons at the same time. This should put the thermostat in a manual mode. Technology is changing constantly. Always check online for the latest models and how to gain access to the controls for a Honeywell thermostat override.

Steps to a Trane Thermostat Override

These are fairly simple thermostats to use and control. If they get locked up by accident or if your hotel has a Trane model, then you are in luck. Access the buttons under the front panel and choose system mode. If you place it on auto, it will heat or cool to the desired temperature. To override a locked Trane thermostat, press the hold button down for five seconds. This should allow you to restart the thermostat at your preferred temperature.

Hack Honeywell Thermostat

One of the more popular brands on the market for thermostats is the Honeywell. Many hotels have them as they work so well with little maintenance. But they can also make a hotel room feel like freezing or otherwise uncomfortable regarding temperature. If you want to change a temperature in your visiting quarters, you may need to conduct a hotel thermostat hack. Find the system key on the face of the Honeywell thermostat and press it. Once five buttons appear, press the blank center key and count to five. The screen should change to advanced settings. Change the options based on the arrow keys. If you press the number 0, it should unlock all of the keys on the screen. There are many types of Honeywell thermostats on the market. Look up the model number that can be found on the inside of the casing to find the best hack for that particular thermostat.