How to Change the Time on a Programmable Thermostat

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Depending on the model thermostat you own, the method of programming the clock may differ from these steps. Refer to your thermostat's owner's manual for specific programming instructions for your particular model.

Changing the time on your programmable thermostat may be necessary when the power goes out, or when you need to change it due to seasonal timing changes. The front panel of the thermostat's interface contains all of the controls needed to enter the desired time to the accurate hour and minute. With the right instruction, you will be able to set the correct time on your thermostat, so that the automatic shutoff features can work correctly.

Step 1

Push the "Set Clock/Day" button to enter the screen that allows you to enter different times and dates. The "Set Clock/Day" button will be located on the front of the user interface, or underneath the plastic covering that lifts up, depending on the model that you own.

Step 2

Press the top "Time" key to set the time to an earlier setting. The top "Time" key may be located on the front of the user interface or underneath the plastic cover that lifts up to show you the multiple controls for the thermostat.

Step 3

Press the lower "Time" key to change the hour and minutes to lower settings. The lower "Time" key is located directly underneath the key that increases the time setting. It may also be located underneath the plastic cover that lifts up to expose the thermostat's controls.


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