How to Use a Honeywell AC Control

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Honeywell makes a variety of different products to help make your home more comfortable. One of their product lines features air conditioning and heating controls. These programmable units make it easy to automatically control the temperature of your home throughout the day. To us a Honeywell AC control, more commonly known as a programmable thermostat, simply push the desired buttons on the panel and set the times and temperatures according to your cooling and heating needs.

Step 1

Enter the setup mode on the Honeywell AC control. Touch the "Sched" key, followed by the "Edit" key.

Step 2

Set the programming mode to multiple-day or single-day editing. Touch multiple days on the touch screen to make a check box appear beside the selected day. This enables multiple-day editing when you proceed to the next step. Touch a single day and proceed to the next step if you wish to program each day separately. Multiple-day editing is helpful when you have an established schedule and you want the unit to operate a certain way at the same time each day.

Step 3

Touch the "Wake" key to set the time you wake up in the morning. Use the "Up" and "Down" keys next to the time readout to select the proper time. Use the "Up" and "Down" keys next to the temperature readout to set the desired temperature at that time. Repeat this process to set the time and temperature for the "Leave," "Return," and "Sleep" categories individually.

Step 4

Repeat the entire procedure for each of the remaining days of the week if you chose to edit the settings for each day separately. If not, or once you finish setting the desired times and temperatures, touch the "Done" button to save the settings and activate the Honeywell AC control.

Step 5

Use the "Up" and "Down" keys next to the temperature readout to override the preset controls and adjust the Honeywell manually. The temperature will remain on the manual setting until the next preset temperature change is triggered at the time you selected during the programming phase.


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