A home thermostat maintains an air temperature in your home that matches with your needs. And if the thermostat is programmed correctly, it can be an energy- and money-saving tool. Learn how to work your thermostat properly so it can work for you.

Home thermostats help maintain the temperature you want.

Setting Time and Day

Step 1

Open the front cover of the thermostat. Rotate the set wheel so it triggers the "Day/Time" position.

Step 2

Use the "Up/Down" buttons to set the day of the week. Then press the "Next" button to enter the time setting option. To set the time, use the same "Up/Down" buttons.

Step 3

Position the set wheel to the initial "Run" position. The time and day are now set.


Step 4

Open the front panel and rotate the set wheel to either the "Weekday program" or "Weekend program" option.

Step 5

Choose from the "Heat" or "Cool" option using the temperature mode switch. Now you will have to program the thermostat for all of the five weekdays or the weekend. Each day is divided into four periods: morning, day, evening, night. Start with the morning period that will appear on the display as "MORN."

Step 6

Use the "Up/Down" buttons to adjust the starting time of the "MORN" period. To proceed, press the "Next" button. The next step is to choose the desired temperature for the "MORN" period, using the "Up/Down" buttons. Press "Next" to proceed and move to the next day period. Once you are done with all the periods, trigger back the set wheel to the run position.