The Trane thermostat is programmable to day and night settings as well as the temperature settings. Once you know how to program a Trane thermostat, you will be able to adjust these settings to your lifestyle. On the thermostat there is an "Up" button, "Down" button and a "Hold" button on the right side. Across the bottom there are buttons under the run, fan and system displays. These buttons control the programs in your Trane thermostat.

Step 1

Select the comfort control that you want to set by pressing the button under the "System" display on the lower right of the thermostat. Select either cooling, heating or auto.

Step 2

Use your finger to press the button below the set/clock/day/schedule on the lower left of the thermostat. Another display will come up on the display screen. Press the button under the area that reads "Set Schedule."

Step 3

Press the "Up" and "Down" buttons to select the weekday "Wake" time and then press "Next."

Step 4

Press the "Up" and "Down" buttons again to select the desired temperature for this time period and then press "Next."

Step 5

Set the periods of "Leave," "Return," "Weekends" and "Sleep" in the same way as the weekday schedule. Use the directional buttons to move the time and the buttons directly under the display to choose settings.

Step 6

Use the directional buttons to temporarily override the system for the current time period. The new temperature will remain set until the next scheduled program time period. To cancel the override, press the button under the "Run Schedule" on the lower left of the thermostat.

Step 7

Press "Hold" next to the directional buttons to clear all schedules in the thermostat. This will allow you to operate the thermostat in a manual mode. The temperature will remain at the desired temperature you set. You can go back to schedule mode by pressing the button under the "Run Schedule" display.

Step 8

Select "Fan" settings by pressing the directly under the "Fan" display. Most people use the fan in auto mode, which keeps the fan running only when the cooling or heating system is running. Use "On" to have the fan run all the time to improve air circulation in the home.