How to Set a Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell programmable thermostats allow you to save as much as one-third off your utility bills. By setting the timer to heat while you're at home and shut off while you're away, the thermostat automatically knows when to conserve energy. To make programming a Honeywell thermostat even easier, you can remove it from its base on the wall and sit down in your favorite chair to set a Honeywell programmable thermostat.

Digital thermostat
credit: Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Step 1

Touch "Sched" on your Honeywell touch screen thermostat to begin Honeywell thermostat programming. Touch "Edit."

Step 2

Select the days of the week that you want to program. If you work on a regular schedule, touch the days of the week that you work to program all of those days at once. A "check mark" will appear in the box of the days you choose to confirm your selection. If you have a schedule that varies from day to day, program one day at a time to accommodate the average times you come and go.

Step 3

Look at the bottom row on your touch screen pad to find the "Wake" key. Press it to set the time you wake up in the morning, then use the "Up" and "Down" arrows in the middle to adjust the time you wake up. Use the "Up" and "Down" arrows on the right side of your touch screen to set the temperature you desire your house to be when you wake up. Follow the same procedure to set times for "Leave," "Return" and "Sleep."

Step 4

Continue programming for each day of the week until you have a programming schedule for every day. Press "Done" when you finish and the words "Saving Changes" will display on the touch screen.

Step 5

Override the temperature on your Honeywell programmable thermostat by pressing the temperature "Up" and "Down" arrows at any time. The thermostat will stay at the altered temperature until the next day part, when it will automatically adjust to bring the temperature back to your desired setting.