How to Fix Why Honeywell Thermostat Does Not Maintain Heat Setting

Honeywell digital thermostats have several control features, some of which, if not set correctly, can interfere with the normal operation of your heating system. Safety features built into the thermostat may also prevent your thermostat from controlling your heat as designed. Troubleshoot your Honeywell thermostat if it is not maintaining your heat setting. You can fix many problems yourself so that the Honeywell thermostat will keep your house as warm as you like.

Step 1

Push the "Up" arrow button to raise the temperature setting higher than the indoor temperature. Press "Hold" on digital thermostats with exterior buttons on the thermostat base and "Switch to Permanent Hold" on digital thermostats with a touch screen. If you don't hold the temperature setting, your next scheduled program temperature setting will override your manually entered setting.

Step 2

Check the "System" setting on the thermostat to see if it is set to "Heat." Press the button underneath "System" on a digital thermostat with external buttons until "Heat" appears on the screen if "Auto" is on. Push "System," "Heat" and "Done" on digital thermostats with a touch screen if it is set to "Auto." When in "Auto" mode, the cooling unit will activate if the temperature rises above your setting.

Step 3

Look at the thermostat screen for "Waiting for Equipment" or to see if "Heat On" is blinking. Both messages indicate a safety timer was tripped in the thermostat to protect your compressor. The heat should turn on once "Waiting for Equipment" disappears or "Heat On" stops blinking.