Directions for Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

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A Honeywell thermostat without the manual might seem difficult to program. Because all Honeywell thermostats are different, finding the precise controls to customize yours might be hard even with a tutorial. But fear not—there are some easy controls that come standard on most Honeywells that will allow you to program at least the basics.


Understand the Settings

Program settings on a Honeywell thermostat are relatively straightforward. The WAKE period on your Honeywell sets the temperature for the period of the day you plan on being awake. This is usually set to a default of 6:00 a.m. SLEEP is the designated setting for the period you plan on being in bed, and it is usually set at a default of 10:00 pm. Some individuals choose to program energy-saving settings during the time they are in bed, since they'll be under the covers and asleep by the time the temperature in the house cools down. Heating and cooling program times are the same—this means that if you change your cooling WAKE time, you'll also change the heating WAKE time.


Programming Wake Settings

To program for the HEAT setting, begin by programming the current time. Hold the "set" button on the Honeywell until the icon with the time pops up. Then, using the "up" or "down" buttons (usually designated by an arrow), set the current time. Set it correctly, as confusing a.m. or p.m. will cause your home to heat and cool down at the wrong times. Press the "set" button again to display your preferred WAKE time, again using the "up" or "down" buttons. Press "set" again to display the WAKE temperature indicator, which can be set at your desired temperature using the "up" or "down" buttons.


Programming Sleep Settings

Press the "set" button until the SLEEP indicator appears on the screen of your Honeywell. Next, use the "up" or "down" buttons to choose the time you plan on going to sleep. You may choose to set it slightly earlier or later than you actually go to bed, depending on your preferences. Set the SLEEP temperature by pressing the "set" button again, and using the "up" or "down" buttons, arrive at your desired temperature. Cooler temperatures on a heat setting obviously save more energy. Finally, press the "set" button one more time. An indicator will pop up on screen that says "End." This indicator will remain for five seconds, until the current time and room temperature appear on the screen. Now that the program is running, your settings have been saved.



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