How to Circulate Air in a Room

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Outside air is often healtheir and less polluted than air inside a home.

A cross-ventilation system can circulate air in your room and keep the air in your home fresh and comfortable. Cross-ventilation systems incorporate a series of fans to draw natural air in from the outside and release older air out of your home. You can set up your own cross ventilation system with two fans and two open windows. A cross-ventilation system can reduce the amount of electricity you use to cool your home, especially during the early morning and evening hours when the outside temperature is more reasonable.


Step 1

Open windows on two different sides of the room. If the room has windows only on one side, or if it only has one window, open the window in the room and another window in a nearby room of the house to create a channel whereby wind can blow in and out of the room.

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Step 2

Remove any obstructions in front of the two windows, such as heavy curtains, blinds or furniture. If you have a window unit air conditioner, leave it in place and consider it open for the purpose of ventilation.


Step 3

Judge, based on the movement of trees, bushes or flags in your yard, the direction the wind is blowing. Use the natural direction of the wind to plan your ventilation. Remember that the wind direction changes from time to time, so it is a good idea to recheck every time you set up your cross-ventilation system.

Step 4

Place a fan in your window and aim it into your room. Make sure the fan is in the same direction as the wind is blowing, capturing the wind as it blows in your room and dispersing it in your room. If you have a window unit air conditioner, use it in place of a fan to bring fresh air into your room and disperse it.


Step 5

Place a second fan in your other window, aiming outside of your room. Use this fan to blow out older air from your room, while your other fan blows fresh air in.

Step 6

Close your windows and turn on your normal air conditioning as temperature increases outside during midday hours. This will limit the intake of too much of the warm air from outside and overheating your room. Use your cross-ventilation system in the mornings and evenings, freshening the air in your room and keeping your room temperature at a comfortable level during those hours.



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