How to Program a Honeywell RTH230B

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You can program a modern thermostat.
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While not all thermostats on the market are programmable, there are many advantages to having a system like the Honeywell RTH230B that allows you to program certain temperatures for certain periods of the day. It may seem like a challenge to properly program a Honeywell RTH230B thermostat; however, the step-by-step process is fairly simple and easy to do.


The Need for Programmable Thermostats

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Although it might seem confusing at first, a programmable thermostats can be beneficial if you prefer to get out of bed to a warm house and keep it cooler at night while you're sleeping. The Honeywell RTH230B is a simple electronic thermostat model that allows you to program an energy-efficient schedule of various temperatures for four different times of the day.


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Not only does it separate the day into four segments, but it also separates the weekdays from the weekends. This is a convenient feature that permits you to keep your home chillier while you're at work to save a bit of extra cash by not heating your home for no reason. You may also be able to do a self-installation, saving you even more money.

Program a Honeywell RTH230B Thermostat

The Honeywell RTH230B comes with default settings, but these can easily be changed to your preferences.


Step 1: Locate the "Pgm" Button and Press It

The display will show you the current settings for period 1, which is the first of the four programs — also known as the times during the day when the temperature is scheduled to change. The display will show you the start time on the top left of the screen. Directly under the time, you should see the days of the week this program is scheduled for along with a house icon with the number of the period in it. On the right side of the display, you'll see the temperature this period is set for.


Step 2: Press the "Day" Button to Select Day of the Week

If you wish to keep the same temperature for every day of the week, simply hold the button down for three seconds.

Step 3: Adjust the Time Using the Arrow Buttons

After you choose the day, continue by adjusting the time you wish the period to start. The arrow buttons will adjust the time in 15-minute increments.


Step 4: Press the "P#" Button to Adjust Temperature Setting

The "P#" button selects the temperature that can once again be adjusted by using the arrow buttons. Don't forget to use the "Heat/Cool" selector to choose which mode you wish to have for this period of the day.

Step 5: Press the "P#" Button Again to Schedule Other Days

You may then go on to the next programmable period by selecting the "P#" once more and repeating the steps until your week is programmed to your liking.


Step 6: Press the "Exit" button

Once you're satisfied with your selections, push "Exit" to opt out of the programming mode. Now that you've programmed your Honeywell RTH230B thermostat to adhere to a certain schedule,

Step 7: Press the "Mode" button

Remember to activate the program mode by pressing the "Mode" button.


Temporary Thermostat Changes

If you happen to need a cooldown or heat boost during a certain programmed period, you can adjust the temperature settings manually by using the arrow buttons on the thermostat. This will change the programmed temperature for two hours before it returns to its previous settings. This is called a "Bypass Period," and you know it's active when the home icon begins flashing on your display screen.


If programmable thermostats seem difficult to figure out, don't stress; there are many different models available, and finding one to suit your needs and your home will be a breeze.



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