How Do I Program My Carrier Thermostat?

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The Carrier Infinity series thermostat can connect directly to your PC or mobile device.

Carrier manufactures both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi thermostats. The main difference between them is your ability to program the former on your PC or mobile device. You have a choice among four product lines: Infinity, Côr, Performance and Comfort. It's always best to consult the product manual for your particular model if you have specific programming questions. You can find a virtual copy by clicking on the model on Carrier's website. Many important programming features are common among most Carrier models.

Setting the Time and Date

Setting the time and date is the first thing you have to do on any programmable thermostat to access its features. The procedure differs among models and depending whether the model has a touch-screen or programming buttons.

Using the Touch Screen: Open the door, if there is one, and touch the screen or the menu button; press the "up" and "down" buttons until date appears. Press select, and use the up and down buttons to choose the current day. Press next to move on to the month, then repeat for the year, hour and minute. Press the menu button when finished.

Using Buttons: Open the door to activate the display, and press the d/h/m button on the bottom right. Use the arrow keys to select the day, then press the d/h/m button to move to the hour; repeat, then advance the same way to set the minutes. Close the door when you're finished.

Setting the Mode

The thermostat will activate the heating system, the cooling system or just the fan, depending on the mode setting you choose. When you select auto, the thermostat will activate both the heating and cooling systems, depending on the current and target temperatures.

If the thermostat has buttons, press the mode button and cycle among these options, using the up and down buttons. If the thermostat has a touch screen, touch the screen; press the mode button when it appears, and then press the up and down arrows.

Adjusting Temperature

Once you've selected the mode, you adjust temperature by using the up and down arrows. To maintain the temperature at the setting you choose, press the hold/run button at the bottom of the device until hold displays on the screen. When you press again, and run displays on the screen, the setting will revert to the last one that was programmed after a period of time. If you have a touch-screen model, the hold/run is displayed when you touch the screen.

Programming a Heating/Cooling Schedule

The Performance, Comfort , Côr and Infinity series thermostats can all be programmed on daily and weekly schedules. This feature eliminates the need to adjust the temperature manually with changing weather conditions, and is a great option for people with fixed routines.

The programming details vary among models, so you'll need your manual to use this feature. The general procedure for all models is similar to the one you use for the Performance series:

Step 1

Open the door and press the set button repeatedly until daily schedule appears with a list of days of the week on the right. Press the button under days of the week to choose the day you want to program.

Step 2

Set the w_ake_ time by pressing the button under the hour or minute and then pressing the up and down arrows. Next, press the heat set at or cooling set at button as needed, and use the up and down arrows to set the temperature.

Step 3

Program the three other time periods -- day, evening and sleep -- by pressing the button for each time period and repeating this procedure.

Step 4

Use the days of the week button to move to another day, and use the same procedure to program the temperatures for that day. Press done when you're finished, and close the thermostat door.


Use this feature to program the thermostat while you're on vacation to keep the house habitable for your plants without wasting energy.

Setting Up Wi-Fi Connectivity

Certain Infinity and Côr and Comfort series thermostats can connect to your PC or mobile device, allowing you to operate them remotely. Using this feature, you can set the heat or cooling to the temperature you like just before you get home, and you can adjust temperatures according to changing weather conditions while you're working or on vacation. These models are even capable of using the internet to monitor weather conditions and automatically adjust the temperature inside your home. You'll need to download the app for your device from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Before you do that, connect your device to your home Wi-Fi network.

Here's how:

Step 1

Press the menu button, and press the up or down arrows until Wi-Fi is blinking. Press Select.

Step 2

Press the up/down arrows until scan Wi-Fi is showing. Press select, and wait until your network name shows up, then press select again.

Step 3

Continue pressing the up/down button until Wi-Fi password appears. Press select, and press the up/down arrows until the word change appears. Press select, and then use the up/down button to enter the characters. After entering each character, press the next button to advance.

Step 4

Finish the setup by pressing the start button after you've entered the password. The Wi-Fi symbol on the top of the display will flash as the thermostat connects and will then stay illuminated when the connection is complete.

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