How Do I Program My Carrier Thermostat?

Setting your Carrier thermostat involves creating settings that are specific to your home or office. You may set the day, time, mode of operation, fan operation and personalize your thermostat according to your own schedule and lifestyle. Follow the instructions to program your Carrier thermostat.

Thermostat and intercom
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Current Day and Time

Press "Change Day" until you reach the current day. For the time, press the "Set Time/Temp" button. You will see "Time" flash. Press the up or down buttons to program the current time. If the advance is too slow, press and hold the "Time" button to advance quickly. Pay attention to the AM or PM settings when programming the current time. Press "End" when the correct time has displayed.


Mode is the choice between having the thermostat off, or using the heat or cool functions. You can also select "Auto," a setting that allows you to program your thermostat to turn on or off at desired times or desired temperatures. Press "Mode" to access the mode functions. Continue to press "Mode" until you reach the setting you prefer. For fan operation, you may choose either "On" or "Auto." For "On," the fan will run nonstop. "Auto" will only turn on according to the preset indoor temperature.


For personal settings, you may want the heat or cool functions to run or not run during certain times of a day or during certain days of the week. Press the "Program" button. Choose the time by selecting WAKE, DAY, EVE or SLEEP. Choose your day of the week. Press the "Up" or "Down" buttons to set your time of day. Press the "Set Time/Temp" button. Adjust the heating temperature using the "Up" and "Down" buttons. Repeat the steps for adjusting the cooling temperature. Press the "Program" button to advance to the next time period. To finish, press "End."