How to Set a Hunter 44155C Thermostat

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The Hunter model 44155C thermostat, also called a Set and Save Programmable Thermostat, works on a variety of systems, including an electronic pilot gas heating system, fired boiler oil heating system, electric air conditioning system and a single-stage heat pump. Programmable thermostats provide benefits to homeowners through the ability to set the thermostat to automatically raise and lower the temperature based on the occupants' schedules and preferences, saving money on heating and cooling costs. The digital settings of the thermostat may seem confusing at first, but once you familiarize yourself with its operation, you will be able to set or change the thermostat's controls at the touch of a few buttons.


How to Set a Hunter 44155C Thermostat
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Set Date and Time

Push the "Day/Time" button, then push the up or down arrow to change the hour. When changing the hour setting, you will also have the option of "AM" or "PM."


Push "Day/Time" once more to move to the minute setting. Use the up or down arrows to obtain the correct minute.

Push "Day/Time" again to move to the day of the week setting, then push the up or down arrow to change the days. Push "Day/Time" again to save and exit the date and time setting mode.

Remember to take note of the indicator showing "AM" or "PM" when setting the time, and adjust the settings accordingly.


Setting 44155c Thermostat Temperature Manually

Push the "Hold/Return" button until you see an icon displayed on the screen if you want to permanently change the settings and override any previously set commands. If you just want to change the settings for a one-time change, skip pressing the "Hold/Return" button and continue with the manual setting process.

Push the up or down arrow and hold it for one second to start the manual setting process. Let go of the arrow button as soon as the display begins flashing.


Push the up or down arrow until the display shows the temperature you wish to attain in your home.

Push "Hold/Return" again to exit the setting mode if you permanently overrode the settings. If you performed a one-time change, you shouldn't have to press anything to return to the normal display.

Setting Custom Temperatures

Move the system switch, located on the middle left-hand portion of the thermostat, to "Heat" or "Cool," depending on whether you wish to set a heating or cooling program.


Push "Program," then adjust the time and temperature settings by pushing the up or down arrows to change the hour, then "Program" to move to the minute setting. Push the up or down arrow to change the minute, then "Program" to move to the temperature setting. Change the desired temperature by pushing the up or down arrow, followed by "Program."

Set custom temperatures for up to four programs each day, seven days per week. Once you set the hour, minute and temperature setting and push "Program" the final time for the first program, you will have the option of setting the hour, minute and temperature settings for the second, third and fourth programs. You must set at least two programmed settings per day. The total amount of time between two, three or four programs must equal 24 hours.


Review the programs you've set by pushing "Program" to scroll through each day and setting.

Move the system selector switch to the opposite setting, and perform the same steps to control the programs for that system.