Braeburn Thermostat Instructions

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Some models will automatically allow you to program weekdays and weekends separately.

A programmable thermostat can help maximize energy savings in your home.

An Illinois-based company, Braeburn manufactures several indoor air quality devices, including thermostats, humidifiers, and air filtration products. Thermostats range from basic, non-programmable models to models that enable you to program seven days worth of settings to maximize energy savings. Program your Braeburn thermostat to run your furnace or air conditioner less often when you are away from your house or asleep to save money and energy with little effort.

Setting Up

Step 1

Press the "Date/Time" button on the keypad to set the day and time of your thermostat. Adjust first the hour, then minutes and the day of the week by pressing the up and down arrows. Press the "Date/Time" button after each selection is made to move to the next setting.

Step 2

Press the "Fan" button repeatedly to scroll through the different fan settings. "Auto" mode turns on the fan only when the heating or cooling units are running, while "On" runs the fan continually. "Circ" runs the fan intermittently at 24-minute intervals, and "Prog" runs the fan only when the programming of the thermostat determines that it should.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Return" button for four seconds. The current differential setting will appear on the screen. Press the up or down arrows to adjust the setting. The first stage differential determines how much the room temperature must change from the set temperature before heating or cooling must be initiated. Second and third stage differentials can be set on some models using the same method.


Step 1

Press the "Prog" button to enter program setting mode.

Step 2

Select the "Heat" or "Cool" mode by pressing the "System" button until it is selected on the screen or by moving the switch into the desired position, depending on your model of thermostat.

Step 3

Press "Day/Time" to program individual days one at a time, or use the default setting to program all seven days at once.

Step 4

Press the up and down arrows to adjust the hour and minutes of the time for you wish to program the furnace, and then adjust the temperature using the same arrow buttons.

Step 5

Press "Prog" to switch to "Unocc" mode to create programming for periods when the house will be unoccupied.

Step 6

Press the up and down arrows to adjust the onset time for the "Unocc" program, and then use the same arrows to adjust the temperature.

Step 7

Press "Return" when you have finished with your programming.


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