The Ritetemp programmable thermostat can be used for both heating and cooling purposes. It displays both the time and the house temperature on the front screen. Ritetemp comes preprogrammed with an Energy-Star program for efficiency. You can run that program or change it manually to suit your needs. If you want to temporarily turn the temperature up or down a degree, the Ritetemp thermostat has "+" and "-" buttons directly on the front for easy adjustment.


Step 1

Move the Heat/Cool switch to "HEAT." Press the "PROGRAM" button. The program will show "SU" for Sunday. Press the "DAY" button to change the day.

Step 2

Press the "NEXT" button to cycle through the times available for programming--"MORN," "DAY," "EVEN" and "NITE." Select "MORN" and push either the "+" or "-" button to set it to the temperature desired for that time.

Step 3

Select the time of day you want "MORN" to represent. Use the "TIME" buttons. The button pointing left will turn the time back, while the button pointing right will move the time forward.

Step 4

Push the "Next" button to jump from "MORN" to "DAY." Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the day slot. Push the "Next" button to move from "DAY" to "EVEN" and repeat Steps 2 and 3 and again for "NITE." When you wish to move to a different day, press the "DAY" button.

Step 5

Press the "COPY" button if you would like the program from one day to be repeated on other days. "COPY" will be displayed on the LCD. The icon for the day you selected will go solid. Use the "DAY" button to select your destination day. The day selected will flash. Press "COPY" again to confirm.

Step 6

Program for cooling by moving the "Heat/Cool" switch to "COOL" Proceed in the same fashion as for heating.