Fatheads are durable vinyl, fade-resistant graphics of athletes, celebrities and action figures. While Fatheads are easy to install, remove and reinstall as needed, there are a few things to remember before installing your Fathead wall graphic. It's important to start with a clean, flat, interior surface and be wary of the Fathead sticking to itself.

Fatheads are installed using two people and a squeegee

Step 1

Unroll your Fathead. Allow some time for your Fathead decal to flatten out before installing it.

Step 2

Gently wipe the decal with a damp, lint-free cloth to remove dust and particles from the surface.

Step 3

Peel the backing from the Fathead slowly, from the top edge to the bottom edge.

Step 4

Place one corner of the decal on a clean, dry wall and press it using light hand pressure. Slowly apply the rest of the Fathead to the wall, smoothing as you go.

Step 5

Smooth out any bubbles in your Fathead using a squeegee or roller, moving from the center outward. New Fatheads come with a roller.