A window valance, also known as a cornice board, is a decorative headpiece installed at the top of window treatments and designed to hide hardware. While they can give a nice decorative touch, most are covered in fabric or painted and from time to time require cleaning, repainting or recovering to update the look or replace worn finishes. To avoid the dangers of a prolonged work session at the top of a ladder, remove your window valance before beginning repairs or redecorating .

Finding the Hardware

Step 1

Find the mounting hardware before attempting removal of the valance. This will allow easy window valance removal and ensure the valance safely reaching the ground without mishap.

Step 2

Check along the top for screws. If there is a top board, they may be located along the back edge, driving down into the cornice or window frame.

Step 3

Check inside the valance at either side. Valances are frequently hung using L brackets located at the back of the leg sections and attached to the window frame or wall. Nails and screws may be hidden under stapled-down fabric. Pull the fabric away from the wall joints to uncover them.

Removing the Valance

Step 4

Remove all hanging window treatments, curtains, blinds and the like to reduce weight before detaching hardware. Include ropes and tassels.

Step 5

Remove all visible screws and or nails with a drill or hammer before attempting removal. Support the weight of the valance while removing the hardware to avoid accidents. Remove screws or nails in the valance first. Leave sturdy hardware attached to the walls for easier reinstallation.

Step 6

Lift up on the valance once all screws and nails are loose. It should come away from the wall with little resistance. If it does not, look for hidden nails and screws around the edges.

Step 7

Pry with a flat bar between the wall and the valance if all visible hardware is loose and the valance is still stuck. This should be your last resort. Use firm but steady pressure, making sure to avoid damage to the surrounding walls. Support the weight as it may come away suddenly once the attachment has been broken.

Step 8

Lower the valance slowly and safely, complete repairs and reverse the steps to reinstall.