How to Smooth a Textured Wall

How to Smooth a Textured Wall. While creating a textured wall is great if you want to hide dents, cracks and other flaws, texture is not for everyone. Some people prefer a smooth wall over a textured surface. If you have a textured wall and want to smooth it, it's possible. Smoothing a textured wall is a time-consuming process, but if done correctly, you'll be happy with the results.

Step 1

Sand off all high spots on the wall if the texture is deep. Wipe off all dust residue with a damp, rough cloth when finished.

Step 2

Apply a primer to the wall unless you painted with a flat paint. The joint compound you are using to smooth the wall needs a good finish to adhere to. Flat paint or a primed surface is best.

Step 3

Purchase joint compound from any hardware store or home improvement center. This can come in large 5- to 10-gallon buckets. Measure the wall you are smoothing, and then buy the amount of compound you need.

Step 4

Spread the joint compound across the wall using a wide putty knife. Apply a few coats, as necessary. Don't sand between coats, but knock off any high spots with a dry putty knife after the compound dries.

Step 5

Smooth the wall with sandpaper after the final application of joint compound. Fill in any spots, if necessary, and sand those when dried. Wipe wall with a damp sponge when finished.