How to Divide a Room With a Sliding Wall

When you have a room with enough space to create two rooms, but you don't want the hassle of installing drywall, adding a sliding wall may be just the ticket. Divide a room with a sliding wall to hide laundry facilities or to create a secluded bedroom area. You can make a sliding wall out of a simple wood frame with frosted plastic sheeting for privacy. Attach the wall to a sliding door track for easy movement across the room.

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Divide a room with a sliding, wood frame door.

Step 1

Measure the length and width of your room to determine the dimensions for the sliding wall.

Step 2

Decide exactly where you want to divide the room and use chalk to mark a spot on your ceiling. Draw the dividing line across the ceiling.

Step 3

Lay out 1-by-4-inch planks of wood in a square or rectangle to fit your wall dimensions.

Step 4

Nail the boards together with the 2-inch nails. Set the frame up and place the level on top to ensure its properly squared.

Step 5

Cut a piece of heavy-duty, plastic sheeting to fit on the frame.

Step 6

Set the sheeting over the frame. Pull the sheeting tight and staple the sheeting to the wood frame.

Step 7

Cut off any excess plastic sheeting with the utility knife so the edge of the plastic is flush with the edge of the wood frame.

Step 8

Hold the track up to the ceiling and mark the location for the screws. Drill pilot holes in the ceiling to install the sliding door tracks.

Step 9

Screw the roller brackets into the top of the frame. Install one on each end 2 inches from the corner.

Step 10

Hold the frame at an angle and snap the rollers into place to hang the door. Adjust the height if needed by turning the dial on the rolling bracket.

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