How to Build a Hobbit Room

When writing "The Hobbit," British author J.R.R. Tolkien captured the imagination of readers when describing the appearance of a hobbit hole. Hobbit holes were the dwelling places of hobbits, fictional characters who were short in stature. Building a hobbit room in exact scale according to Tolkien's books is an expensive venture and impractical since humans are taller than hobbits. However, Tolkien fans can build a hobbit-themed room in an inexpensive and practical manner.


One iconic feature of a hobbit room is the door leading into the room. In Tolkien's epic, hobbit doors were round. However, making changes to a traditional rectangular door is less expensive than building a round door and creates the same design effect. Remove the side-mounted doorknob and install the knob in the door's center. Use a new knob if necessary. Fill the holes left by the side-mounted doorknob with wood filling. Install latches on the side of the door to keep the door from opening. To stay true to the Lord of the Rings story, paint the door green.


Paint the ceiling with an earth tone color, such as ecru, burnt siena or brown. Hang a dark-colored chandelier near the front of the room, within 5 feet of the door's entrance. Making sure the chandelier is even with the room's door.


Paint the walls with beige and apply a lime green plaster for texture. Install pegs on one of the room's walls; the pegs serves as a place to hang hats and coats. Glue and drill 1-inch by 4-inch boards to the wall to create a post and beam effect; install boards long enough to reach from floor to ceiling. Add a layer of wood stain all the boards.


Hobbit homes had tiled or wooden floors. If you already have one of these floors, lay an earth-toned rug in the center of the floor. Many modern homes have carpeted floors. If this is the case in your home, simply lay an area rug large enough to cover most of the room. This is less expensive than pulling out the carpet and installing wooden or tiled flooring.


Similar to their doors, hobbit houses have round-shape window frames. One inexpensive method for designing hobbit-style window frames with your existing window is using corrugated cardboard or styrofoam. Round out the corrugated cardboard or styrofoam to create the window frame. Plywood is another option for creating the frame. Paint the frame to match the color of the room's 1-inch by 4-inch "beams."


Place rustic, wooden furniture pieces throughout your hobbit room. Some wooden furniture pieces for hobbit rooms are dressers, nightstands and ottomans. For comfort, buy wooden chairs with padded seating. If the hobbit room has a fireplace, install a wooden mantle above the fireplace. Buy a wooden or iron-framed bed for hobbit bedrooms.