How to Convert a Ranch to a Craftsman-Style Home

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Craftsman-style homes boast inviting exteriors and comfortable interiors.

If you are bored with your ranch-style home, there is hope. A ranch home can be converted into a Craftsman-style abode with two full days of work on the weekend or over several afternoons. The key to turning your ranch into a Craftsman-style home is found in the details. From revamping window casings to adding woodwork to the ceiling, the touches will transform your home. While the changes you make won't be cheap, the return on your investment will be years of satisfaction and enjoyment.


Revamp the exterior of your home by combining stained, wood-shingle siding with a brick or stone facade. Affix the faux stone or brick along the bottom portion of the front of your home. Place the shingle siding above it.


Glass doorknobs are reminiscent of Craftsman-style homes from decades past.

Replace plain hollow doors in your home with solid-wood, six-panel doors. Use brushed-bronze, long-handle doorknobs or glass doorknobs.

Interior Window and Door Trim

Many ranch-style homes don't have molding around the windows and doors, making the transformation easier. Remove any dull trim work if necessary and replace with wide wood trim. Add 6-inch-deep trim along the bottom and sides of the windows to add the appearance of deeper casings. Window seats are common within this style as well. Brush walnut stain on all of the wood molding for a rich, Craftsman-style touch.


Give your ceilings character reminiscent of Craftsman-style homes. Run 6-inch by 6-inch wood beams across the width of the ceiling in your den, dining room or office.


No Craftsman-style home is complete without an inviting front porch. Use tapered wood columns with brick bases to support the shingled roof over the porch. Set bentwood rockers and comfortable seating on the porch for guests to enjoy.

Final Touches

Complete your Craftsman-style transformation with the addition of Mission-style light fixtures. Craftsman lighting combines wrought iron with frosted glass in a lantern-style casing and often utilizes a third element with wood accents. Paint your walls in earth tones both warm and inviting.


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