How to Clean Ants Out in a Central Air Unit

A smooth-running air conditioner is a primary objective in climates such as Texas, Arizona, and Florida. To keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently, you should provide regular maintenance, such as cleaning around your outside unit to allow for good air flow, changing the air filter monthly and keeping your condensation line clear. Inspect and clean out infestations by ants and other vermin from your air conditioning unit. Have an air conditioning professional inspect your system yearly to ensure that it is operating efficiently.

Keep the area around your air conditioning unit clean free of lawn debris.

Step 1

Remove leaves, paper, mulch, and other debris from around the outside unit. Ensure that all outlets are clear.

Step 2

Wipe off dirt from outside surfaces.

Step 3

Determine points of entry for ants in the ductwork, electrical box and coils.

Step 4

Use an air compressor to blow ants out of ductwork, outside unit and other openings.

Step 5

Seal all ductwork seams with caulk.

Step 6

Place poison ant bait near coils and electrical box.

Step 7

Spray household ant insecticide onto outside surfaces. A home perimeter insecticide will help to keep ants away out of the home and away from air-conditioning units.

Step 8

Re-spray insecticide and replace ant baits every three months.