How to Level a Hot Tub

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Things You'll Need

  • Sand

  • 1-inch by 6-inch board

  • Miter saw

  • Broom

  • Dustpan

A dip in the ground can cause your hot tub to crack.

When installing a hot tub it is important to avoid any dips or voids in the area where you plan to place the hot tub. A hot tub can weigh as much as 8,000 pounds without people in it. Any dips in the surface under the hot tub can cause stress to the shell and possibly cause cracking. When installing a hot tub, understand that a slight slope of ½-inch per every 8-inches of hot tub length or width is expected to help with tub drainage. Therefore when leveling, your main concern is to ensure the surface is flat.

Step 1

Mark the area of the hot tub with marking paint or with chalk. This shows you the area you must prepare for the hot tub.

Step 2

Fill the area with a layer of sand.

Step 3

Cut a 1-inch thick by 6-inch wide board to a length long enough to reach the each end of the hot tub. Use a miter saw to cut the board.

Step 4

Slide the 1-inch edge of the board from one end of the marked area to the other. The edge of the board will remove the sand from the surface of the ground but leave sand in depressions on the ground.

Step 5

Sweep the excess sand outside the marked area with a broom and discard it with a dustpan.


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