How to Make a Poster Board Stick to a Brick Wall

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If you're working or living in a brick or concrete block building, you may be frustrated when it comes to decorating. Dorm rooms and classrooms are well known for having concrete walls that refuse to hold tape when you're trying to hang a poster. If you are a student or teacher you may be discouraged after hanging the same poster board 15 times only to find it on the floor the next day. You'll be pleased to learn there's a product to solve this dilemma, and you can find it at the hardware store.

Step 1

Buy putty adhesive, making sure the product is especially rated for brick and concrete. Check to make sure the product is rated for holding items heavier than 1 lb. to ensure that it will hold a heavier poster board.

Step 2

Apply a small ball of adhesive to each corner of the poster board, taking care to follow the manufacturer's directions. Typically, this will entail rolling a small amount in your hands to warm the putty and make it more pliable.

Step 3

Press the poster board onto the wall, making sure to press each spot of adhesive firmly so that it will attach tightly to the wall. Your poster board will now be secure, until you want to remove it.

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