12 Traditional Closet Door Alternatives to Redesign Your Storage

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You can up the ante on your bedroom remodel, not with fresh paint or new furniture, but by simply swapping out your basic builder-grade closet doors for something a bit different. With just this one home improvement idea, you can totally change the look and feel of your space ​and​ (depending on which option you choose) simultaneously increase its efficiency. Plus, many options are easy enough to tackle as a DIY project. From wood-paneled bi-fold doors to curtains to even room dividers, choosing an alternative door for your closet can double as unique decor that complements the overall style of the room.


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Intrigued? Here are 12 alternatives to traditional closet door ideas that will take any bedroom design to the next level.

1. French Doors

Add a pair of French doors, which swing out like regular doors, to your closet to instantly elevate the look of the entire room. Just make sure you have enough square footage to accommodate the outward door swing. Follow in Carrie from Lovely Etc.'s footsteps and paint them in an eye-catching color to add extra flair and visual interest. Complete the scene with swanky door pulls and coordinating curtains.


2. Curtains

Say goodbye to bulky sliding closet doors and go with a light set of curtains, as witnessed in this space by Joanna from Jojotastic. Install the closet curtain rod close to the ceiling to add height to a small bedroom, and opt for white fabric that will blend in with the walls for a seamless look. Or consider a bold graphic pattern instead to create an instant feature wall. Either way, this one's a winner and will give you quick and easy access to your wardrobe without having to worry about the door swing.


3. Room Dividers

Consider removing your closet door completely and putting a lightweight room divider in its place. Choose a slim design like this DIY option by Amaryllis from Oh Oh Deco to avoid taking up too much space whether it's open or closed. Decorative screens are also great options for small apartments without much closet space, since you can literally just create one using a simple clothing rack.


4. Pocket Doors

If you don't mind living through a minor renovation, then you might want to consider adding pocket doors to your closet. This built-in option is ideal since it doesn't eat up any valuable floor space and will allow full access to your closet. The husband and wife duo behind Chris Loves Julia added pocket doors to the walk-in closet in their sleeping quarters and painted them the same blueish-gray color used on the walls for a look that's cohesive and luxurious. The tiered chandelier is a nice touch, too.


5. Wood Slat Bypass Doors

If you really want sliding closet doors that wow, follow the lead of Hygge & Spruce and make these wood slat beauties. In a gorgeous twist on the basic bypass variety, the light wood Scandi-chic design not only adds warmth, but also texture and loads of visual interest.


6. Beaded Curtain

Beaded curtains are back in a big way. Keep the look fresh and modern by choosing a simple neutral design, like the one By Colossus went with in this boho setup. The textured option works great in small bedrooms that don't have a lot of space to reserve for door swings. A beaded curtain can also double as artwork, too, as proven by the large white circle motif spotted here. It's a win-win all around.


7. Mirrored Doors

Large mirrored closet doors are a common builder-grade option that's often used in bedroom designs. But there are a ton of ways to spruce them up and make them look like an intentional part of your decor. For instance, Chelsea and Logan from Making Manzanita added black trim to their closet doors, resulting in a unique and stylish display that resembles steel-framed windows. You'll still be able to double-check your outfit before leaving the house, but now you can do it in a mirror you won't mind looking at every day.


8. Accordion Doors

Since accordion doors fold back in sections rather than opening out into the room, they're the perfect solution for small spaces or bedrooms with furniture that would block traditional bedroom closet doors. This black and white design employed by interior designer Marion Deriot features thin fabric panels in the center to keep them from making the room look too dark or heavy.

9. Fabric Panels

Disguise ugly closet doors with fabric panels, like DIY blogger Lily Ardor did. Perfect for homeowners, renters, or anyone not ready for a renovation, the natural burlap fabric will add to the airy bohemian vibe of your bedroom and is easy enough to remove if you change your mind. And if boho isn't your style, try a graphic floral print or stripes for a cool accent.

10. Bi-Fold Doors

Complete your wardrobe with a pair of classic bi-fold closet doors. Add thin strips of wood trim for a paneled look, like the one witnessed in this space by Sarah from Room for Tuesday. The traditional detailing will give your formerly plain closet doors a timeless makeover, especially when paired with sleek door hardware.

11. Sliding Barn Door

A barn door that slides on a track mounted above the closet will add a welcome dose of farmhouse charm to any bedroom. Opt for matte black hardware and a mellow shade of sky blue paint like Monica from East Coast Creative to give the country-inspired accent a modern touch. Nurseries or kids' rooms are ideal for barn doors since there are no hinges that could potentially pinch tiny fingers.

12. No Door

If you still can't make a decision on what style door would work best for your closet, try removing them altogether, like Elizabeth from Jonesville. You can always put the doors back on or change them at another time, after you've had a chance to really think about it. But you might be surprised how much you enjoy having a doorless closet. Although an open setup will force you to keep your wardrobe clean and organized, you'll always be able to see exactly what's in there. Add woven baskets to help corral clutter and keep the tiny space looking stylishly pristine.