Alternatives to Closet Doors

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A closet door's main purpose is to conceal clothing and clutter from view. The most common types of closet doors are bi-fold doors, regular hinged doors, wooden sliding doors and mirror sliding doors. While those doors are adequate, they are cumbersome for some people. If you are planning a remodel or a bedroom makeover, consider the alternative to conventional closet doors. Replacing traditional closet doors give you an opportunity to maximize living spaces and add visual impact to your bedrooms.


French Doors

French doors are lightweight interior doors that come in pairs. The doors are designed with glass panels along the length. They swing out just like regular doors. Unlike bi-fold doors, French doors require no sliding tracks. Use multiple pairs of French doors for closets with wide openings. French doors with mirror panels or frosted glass add light and openness to small living spaces.



You can do away with heavy sliding doors or mirror doors with curtains or fabric panels. Fabric curtains with metal rings slides easily and allow full access to the closet. For walk-in closets with a regular size doorway, you may not need to close off the entire opening. Use swags and drape the curtains with holdbacks. Fabric panels with bold color graphic prints add a visual punch to bedrooms. Bead and ribbon curtains might appeal to children and young adults. For wide reach-in closets that spans the length of the room, try a "hospital track" mounted to the ceiling.


Room Dividers

Attractive room dividers or shoji screens are ideal for home office closets. Portable dividers come in lightweight materials, such as bamboo, wood, paper or fabric. Remove closet doors completely and place a shoji screen to conceal the opening. Any lighting inside the closet will instantly become mood lighting through the screen.


Pocket Doors

If your home is still in construction, you might want to consider pocket doors for your closets. Pockets doors require no floor clearance and they allow full access to the closet's opening. However, the adjacent wall must be non-load bearing and it must be wide enough to contain the door. Replacing an existing regular door with pocket door is extensive and costly. It is not a popular choice unless you are planning a major renovation.


Swinging Doors

Swinging doors are also known as café doors or saloon doors. They swing open both inward and outward. The doors come in pairs. Café doors make a good option to closet doors if you desire a sense of openness in your bedroom layout. This type of door is ideal between your bedroom and walk-in closet.


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