The louvered or solid doors in your closet, each of which consists of two panels joined by hinges, are called bi-fold doors. One panel rests on a pivot, while the opposite side of the other panel slides along an overhead track when you open or close the door. Bi-fold doors are lightweight, and when you need to remove one to paint the closet or for any other reason, the procedure couldn't be easier.

The man in repair.
credit: Konstantin Kulikov/Hemera/Getty Images
To remove a bi-fold door, simply lift it off its pivot.

Removal Procedure

The guide and pivot on the top edge of a bi-fold door are both spring-loaded, which greatly simplifies the tasks of mounting and removing the door.

  1. Reach up to the top of the outer corner of the panel farthest from the pivot and locate the plastic roller guide inside the metal track attached to the top jamb of the doorway.
  2. Pull the guide down; then swing the outer edge of the door away from the jamb.
  3. Lift the entire bi-fold door. The spring-loaded pivot on the top of the opposite edge of the other panel will compress, and the bottom pivot will lift clear of the holder.
  4. Tilt the bottom of the door toward you to pull the top pivot out of its bracket; then remove the door from the doorway.