The Best Clothing Racks for Extra Bedroom Storage

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For some, a walk-in closet is a must. For others, especially those of us living in larger cities where $1,200 might ​only​ get you a closet, a small space we can store a suitcase in is something worth signing a lease over.


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While city dwellers might prioritize a parking spot or in-unit laundry over closet space, that doesn't mean having a place to keep your clothes isn't essential. And, unfortunately, Ikea storage beds can only hold so much.

Lack of closet space doesn't have to mean a ​Sex and the City​-style montage of closet decluttering, nor does it mean using your oven for extra storage. These clothing racks – our favorite available online — can be easily added to your bedroom or existing (albeit small) closet.


1. Urban Outfitters Levy Clothing Rack, $129

If your storage is going to be on display in the bedroom, you'll want to opt for something you don't hate looking at. Sure, it might be there for practical reasons, but it doesn't have to ruin your room's aesthetic. This rack from Urban Outfitters is made of bamboo, a light wood that can easily match a range of aesthetics. Additionally, the two bottom shelves offer space to store shoes, jeans and t-shirt stacks, and other miscellaneous items.


2. West Elm Bamboo Leaning Garment Rack, $130

This bamboo rack in white from West Elm leans against your wall, so as to take up as little space as a clothing rack can. Hooks allow for jacket hanging, but you can continue to use hangers in the more traditional sense. At the bottom, you'll find two shelves for extra storage.


3. George Oliver 48'' Clothes Rack, $115.99

This piece from Wayfair proves that a clothing rack doesn't have to be a small, hidden piece. A well-designed, layered rack can take up space without distracting from your design or making your space seemed cramped. (And if decorating isn't your forte, look at it this way — the more wall space your clothing rack takes up, the less space you need to decorate.)


4. Hanging Birch Branch Clothing Rack, $142.45

If your style is more rustic, there's no rack better than this one from Etsy shop PaPappa. Each rack comes with your choice of wood — hazelnut, white, black, or birch — as well as chains and rope for mounting. While it might not hold every garment you own, it ​will​ hold (and somehow make even more beautiful) your favorite ethereal pieces.


5. IKEA NIKKEBY, $69.99

This is the hanger for when you've got just a couple of pieces not fitting in the closet --- or perhaps a few that you'd like displayed. It's small – not meant to hold your entire coat collection – but it's compact enough to fit perfectly into the nook of a small space. The gray-green shade adds a pop of color while complementing aesthetics from modern to more vintage.


6. IRIS Large Metal Garment and Accessories Rack, $64.99

This rack from Target is simple in appearance. It's not eye-grabbing but it's not an eyesore — perhaps the perfect middle you're looking for. What we love about this rack are the three added accessory racks that come off the side, allowing you to hang even more, from your bag to your winter scarf.


7. Latitiude Run Cenko 47.24'' Clothes Rack, $42.99

Maximalism is back in, and you want your forward-facing rack to match that style. This piece from Wayfair comes in a bright pink color that can work as either a pop of color for your space or a complementary piece. It's eye-grabbing, but when you've got a rack of beautiful garments, why not opt for something that commands attention?

8. Burke Decor Rainbow Clothes Rack, $255

Burke Decor shows that even kids deserve something beautiful. The Rainbow Clothes Rack is perfect for your child's room that — with all the clothes grandparents are sending their way — needs a little extra storage. The rattan here is beautiful and, though easily matching a modern aesthetic, doesn't take the childlike wonder out of a child's bedroom.

9. Simple Trending Standard Rod Clothing Garment Rack, $37.97

This is not meant to match an aesthetic, it's simply practical and reasonably priced. In fact, this is what I have in my own closet (taking note from my days in retail where these racks held ​all​ backstock). For a closet that has space but no rods to match, this simple rolling rack can help you optimize the space. You can extend both ends of the rod to hold more apparel or keep it compact at 30.5 inches.

10. Simple Trending Rolling Clothes Organizer, $39.97

Similarly, this rack isn't meant to beautify your space, just effectively hold your clothes — which the overwhelmingly positive reviews let you know it does. The two layers mean that, in terms of width, you don't need much space in your closet for it, with the height allowing you to stack your apparel.