This New Costco Cake Is a Fruity Summer Treat

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As far as baked goods go, Costco is known for creating delicious desserts in its in-house bakery. However, the warehouse seems to be just as talented at finding tasty items from ‌other‌ brands, as proven by its latest release.


Per Costco Fans on Instagram, Costco is now offering raspberry lemon rose Bundt cakes from Bakery Street, a company based in California. The concoction is essentially a 38-ounce rose-shaped Bundt cake with a raspberry lemon marble swirl, and it sounds like the perfect summer treat.

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According to shoppers who have sampled the product, the inside of the cake is moist, but the outside is somewhat crispy. Reddit users also report that the "lemon taste is a little muted due to the raspberry, but [it's] nothing a little lemon curd can't fix."

On Instagram, users shared their thoughts on the cake, which were generally positive. "This is so worth it! Super good and well balanced," said one person.

It's important to note that the price of the Bakery Street cake appears to vary by location. For example, according to shoppers, the item costs $9.49 in Arizona and $9.99 in California.


The product is also primarily available at warehouses in the West Coast, as noted by Bakery Street on Instagram. To check if it's in stock at your local store, call Costco in advance. The item number is 1739804.

How to serve the raspberry lemon rose Bundt cake:

As mentioned, this cake is even tastier with lemon curd. Other mouthwatering suggestions include:


  • With whipped cream and berries
  • Drizzled with strawberry or chocolate sauce
  • Topped with orange or lemon zest
  • Sprinkled with shredded coconut
  • With vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt

You can also try making a similar treat by making this lemon raspberry glazed Bundt cake by The Busy Baker.



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