This Sam's Club Cake Is Perfect for Spring

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There are so many fun ways to welcome a new season: switching decor, unpacking weather-appropriate clothes, and of course, enjoying delicious treats. One such example is the tres leches style cake with strawberries at Sam's Club, which sounds like the ultimate spring dessert.


According to the Sam's Club website, the Member's Mark Tres Leches Style Cake measures 10 inches wide and "features a sponge cake soaked with a rich Tres Leche style soak to give it that traditional moist and melt-in-the-mouth feel."

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It also has a strawberry filling and whipped vanilla icing topping, which is garnished with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate fans. Additionally, the side of the cake is coated in chopped pecans, offering a tasty crunch. One cake yields 14 servings, making it ideal for spring gatherings and Easter celebrations alike.

Now, it's important to note that the cake is tres leches ‌style‌ — i.e,. it's not a true tres leches cake, a traditional Latin American dessert. As some users on Instagram note, the cake isn't saturated with milk like classic versions. Some shoppers enjoyed this aspect, while others thought it was too dry.

In terms of flavor, Instagram users say the cake is sweet but not overwhelming. This might be desirable if you prefer less sugary desserts.


Either way, the Member's Mark Tres Leches Style Cake sounds like a great pick if you enjoy berry concoctions in general. (But if you want the real stuff, your best bet is to swing by a Mexican bakery or a similar establishment!)

The item costs $18.98, though the exact price might differ by location or club. You can see if it's in stock at your local Sam's Club by visiting its product page.


Other seasonal items at Sam's Club:

The warehouse is offering a 1.25-pound chocolate bunny, just in time for Easter. The treat is by Hershey's, so you can be sure that it's delicious!



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