This Brilliant Sofa Hack Is Perfect for Small Spaces

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Whether you're renting out a tiny apartment or have a small living room, finding the right couch can be tough. However, if you're planning on upgrading your space in the future and want an investment piece, modular sofas are for you.


On TikTok, Mallory Wackerman shared what might be the ultimate hack to getting the most out of your furniture no matter where you live. Rather than buying any ordinary small sofa, opt for modular seating that you can build on if you move to a larger apartment or home.

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In Wackerman's own apartment, the Article Cigar Rawhide Brown Loveseat is placed at the foot of the bed, creating a cozy seating area in a compact space. However, it can easily be pushed up against the Article Cigar Rawhide Tan Sofa to create an L-shaped sectional should space allow in the future.

"Often people buy apartment-sized furniture that becomes too small to move and grow with them as they move into larger places," Wackerman says in the video. "So, doing this will help you avoid that so you don't waste your money and your pieces don't end up in landfill."

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