Breakfast Soup Is About to Be the Latest Internet Craze

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There's nothing like cozying up with a warm bowl of soup. And with chilly March mornings across the country, why wouldn't you want to enjoy this classic comfort food in the a.m.? Not to mention, it's an innovative way to jazz up your leftovers.


TikToker @carolinagelen agrees and is all about making "breakfast soup bowls" a thing. "[A] warm, comforting bowl of soup is the perfect way to start your morning," they say, before going into all the components of this fresh take on a breakfast bowl.

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Step one: Put leftover soup in a bowl. The content creator warms vegan tomato soup from last night's dinner but explains that any creamy soup will do the trick — broccoli cheddar, cream of mushroom ... you get the gist.

Step two: Cook your bacon. The Tiktoker uses turkey bacon, but traditional or plant-based bacon will totally do. Hot tip: Get it extra crispy to add "a wonderful body and texture to [the] soup." Once it's ready, crumble it up and sprinkle it over your base.

Step three: Slice a thick piece of sourdough, fry it in olive oil until golden, and rub some garlic on top. No matter the time of day, soup is always better with fresh bread for dipping.


Step four: Top it with a fried egg and enjoy!

Will breakfast soup be the new butter board? We very much think it could be, and there are zero complaints here.



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