Non-Aesthetic Homes Are Trending Right Now — Here's Why It's Important

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Social media is full of genius DIYs, sleek homes, and just all around beautiful living spaces. While it's fun to relish in other people's creativity, and maybe even draw some inspiration, for many of us, these projects are just not realistic. So, the users of TikTok have banded together to combat the high standards by sharing their "non-aesthetic homes," with the hashtag having currently garnered over 8.1 million views.


TikTokers are proudly showing off their cluttered countertops (not to be confused with cluttercore), plastic storage bins, and dirty carpets in effort to normalize what people's homes really look like. It's no secret that social media creates unrealistic expectations in all aspects of life — and home spaces are no different.

For many of us, our home is a small rental with vertical blinds, beige walls, and one bathroom for four people. These seemingly "imperfect" sectors of our space are what makes our homes uniquely us. Take user @emiliegraham, who shared their nightstand in its "true form," covered with prescription pill bottles, various remotes, lotions, and even desk supplies.


Influencer @emilyjeanne333 took to the app to post of a video of themselves cleaning a very average-looking house, with a caption that reads, "It's clean. It's comforting. It's mine. It's perfect." Followers were loving it and showed their appreciation in the comments. One wrote, "I would feel so happy in your home. It's just like mine," while another said, "NORMALCORE BESTIES!"


As more and more people share their "normal" homes, it just goes to show how powerful authenticity is. Whether you're a DIY aficionado, a professional interior designer, or just a person who needs a bed to sleep in, as long as your space is purely you, it will feel like home.


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