10 Gifts That Are Made for Cleaning Lovers, Straight From Hunker Editors

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You know that person who just loves it when their home is spotless (and somehow manages to keep it that way)? Whether you're shopping for that person, or the person who aspires to be that person, we've rounded up 10 gift ideas for cleaning lovers that will make their efforts feel a little easier — and a little more luxurious.


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Miele Classic C1 HomeCare Vacuum Cleaner, $799

Floors bear the brunt of messiness in any home, but you can help make cleaning them effortless with this lightweight, high-powered Miele vacuum that's a cult-fave for a reason. Ideal for homes with medium-high pile carpeting, the electrobrush floorhead has five height adjustments for different types of carpet, and an additional floorhead is included for switching to low-pile carpet and hard flooring.


Plus, it has six suction power settings, which will allow them to eliminate messes on the first pass (no vacuuming back and forth over the same area).

The Laundress Ostrich Feather Duster, $70

Dusting doesn't have to be boring. Gift them this fancy ostrich feather duster (that really works!) to make even the most tedious task feel like a scene out of ​Beauty and the Beast​.


Cleancult Complete Home Bundle, $89.99

Help them give their cleaning routine a sustainability makeover with this bundle that includes refillable glass bottles, wool dryer balls, and so much more. Plus, it comes with a free reusable (and very durable) tote bag that can double as your gift bag for presentation.


Miele Compact C1 HomeCare Vacuum Cleaner, $599

If your tidy friend has kids, a partner, or a pet (basically, if they don't live alone), you know they're fighting an uphill battle. Make it easier to keep their home as spotless as they prefer with Miele's Compact C1 HomeCare vacuum.


The turbo brush floorhead can pick up dust and dirt from low-medium pile carpeting, and comes with an additional floorhead for hardwood floors as well as an upholstery nozzle that can keep their couches free of stray pet hairs, too. And since all of that is stored in its super compact design, it's great for people who are short on storage space.

LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Signature, $549


The one area your cleaning lover may not have thought to clean? The air inside their home. This energy-efficient air purifier is silent, filter-free, and uses ionization technology to remove fine, ultra-fine, and nanoparticles from the air — while doubling as a stunning piece of decor.


Home-Designology Electric Cleaning Brush Just For You, $79.97

Help them take their bathroom cleaning routine to new heights with this extendable, electric scrubbing brush that will allow them to literally achieve a floor-to-ceiling clean.


Miele Complete C3 HomeCare + Vacuum Cleaner, $1,599

All the bells and whistles on this vacuum will make even people who ​don't​ like cleaning excited about home care. For starters, it features a height-adjustable electrobrush with LED headlights to ensure they're getting every last speck off everything from hardwood floors to medium-pile carpet.


A HEPA AirClean filter keeps vacuumed particles from recirculating throughout the house (ideal for people with allergies), it comes with three integrated accessories and two bonus accessories for next-level versatility, ​and​ all the controls are located directly on the handle for ultimate convenience. Told you it's the type of vacuum people get excited about.

Jo Malone Lino Nel Vento Scent Surround Linen Spray, $72


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There's something about lightly scented linens that gives off an air of luxury — even if it only requires a few spritzes. Gift them the experience of refreshing sheets and towels with this rosemary-and-eucalyptus scented spray.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer & Charger, $79.95

If they clean their toilets more often than they clean their phone, bring them up to speed with this sanitizing device that uses UV light to disinfect while it charges. Because FYI: Your phone might actually be ​dirtier​ than a toilet.

Cliff Spencer for Alasaw Noaway Countertop Wood Compost Bin, $160+

Keeping the kitchen clean doesn't have to mean an overflowing garbage can. This wooden compost bin featuring a stainless steel pan and lid will make it easy to gather food scraps while keeping their countertop aesthetically pleasing.


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